Favorite YouTube Gamers?

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Re: Favorite YouTube Gamers?

Postby Atariboy » May 10th, 2015, 6:54 pm

Generally, I prefer pure gameplay videos displayed at their proper aspect ratio with their original audio, if I'm curious about a game and want to check out a brief video of it in action. Anything like a 4:3 game being stretched to 16:9 or audio dubbing, and I'm moving on to the next video in the search results.

That said, the Mighty Jingles is entertaining, if anyone is into multiplayer war games like World of Tanks.


He looks to be in his 40's, and like someone like the Classic Game Room guy, seems like someone that would be fun to hang out with unlike the loud, obnoxious, typical popular YouTube reviewers that talk like they're a drunken sailor having their first shore leave in a decade and look to be about 18 years old. He realizes that you don't need to yell or spurt obscenities to entertain, and sticks to talking about the game.

AtariAge member AtariLeaf has done some good classic gaming videos, as well.


And like several of you, I like Classic Game Room (Not CGR Undertow, though, which is consistently a waste of effort whenever I stumble across one of those reviews). Steve Benway would be a good one, but it's often too frustrating to watch. Not sure that the concept of recording your first attempt at a game is such a good idea, from my perspective (If I end up at a video, it's likely because I'm curious about a game, not because I'm seeking to be entertained).

Another one I like is GameExplain. Has a lot of useful modern Nintendo related videos, such as star guides for Mario platformers. Handy on the Wii U if you're sick of trying to find a missing green star in Super Mario 3D World, for instance. Just hit the home button, pull up the internet browser, and check that YouTube channel for a brief guide video before returning to the still running game.

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Re: Favorite YouTube Gamers?

Postby Vexer6 » May 10th, 2015, 9:57 pm

Game Xplain has definitely helped me out quite a bit(never would've found all those puzzle pieces in DKC: Returns otherwise).

Another channel that's really good with showing off how to get collectables and secret achievements is PowerPyx.

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Re: Favorite YouTube Gamers?

Postby Voor » May 11th, 2015, 10:17 pm

Against my better judgement, I spent 2 hours learning about the infamous AVGN vs Irate Gamer fued. I came away from that still a AVGN fan and not an IG one, but man, that "Archfiend" guy may be my least liked character on YouTube.

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Re: Favorite YouTube Gamers?

Postby Rev » May 18th, 2015, 8:03 pm

One of my favorite youtube gamers, Bracey M. finally came back after a 2 year hiatus. His channel is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo-Fro ... JC8xPRe2Ug. He does a lot of unusual games that probably wouldn't be touched by other channels.

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Re: Favorite YouTube Gamers?

Postby Sut » March 7th, 2016, 3:17 pm


This guy does some broadcast quality retro gaming documentaries. Well researched, well edited and well written well worth your time.

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Re: Favorite YouTube Gamers?

Postby Retrology » March 7th, 2016, 6:36 pm

I don't watch too many YouTube gamers these days, but one that always appeals to me is penguinz0 (or Cr1TiKal). His videos are hilarious to me because of his dry, deadpan delivery and humor, as well as non sequitur jokes. He also makes more sports references than the average gamer, and it's a laugh fest from start to finish.

Love Classic Game Room and AVGN as well. Also visit JonTron from time to time.

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Re: Favorite YouTube Gamers?

Postby Hardcore Sadism » March 7th, 2016, 8:32 pm

For anyone a Fallout fan Many A True Nerd is a must, especially if you want to mix it up a little.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDYZxJ ... 6nL8E1bXdQ

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Re: Favorite YouTube Gamers?

Postby Voor » March 7th, 2016, 9:37 pm

YouTube--Cinemassacre stuff, which is primarily AVGN and James and Mike.

Twitch--favorites are Duckfist and Sinister1, followed by Trihex and Carlsagan42

I do watch some other random people play MKX and SF5 occasionally.

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Re: Favorite YouTube Gamers?

Postby Fingers dripping ink » March 9th, 2016, 10:29 am

Best Youtube gamers in my opinion:

AVGN: Classic stuff, nuff said.

Classic Game Room: Literally the oldest video game show on the internet, now in its' third iteration. Mark's dry delivery and clear love of games makes the show.

CGR Undertow: The other half of Classic Game Room, currently done. It might be back, but I doubt it.

Game Sack: Two friends that talk games. These guys remind me of myself and my friends, so I was automatically hooked. Currently on hiatus til April. Use that time to watch every episode.

VectrexRoli: This guy is a small-time youtube gamer, but his show is QUALITY. He covers many games, systems, and peripherals that others either a) won't touch, or b) don't know about, and his Virtual Boy episodes are essential viewing. He adds some silly humor in there as well, usually featuring his wife getting on him for his game purchases. Totally worth watching, and subscribing. I wish he had more fans!

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Re: Favorite YouTube Gamers?

Postby scotland » February 15th, 2017, 4:33 pm

DaHeckIzDat wrote:
ptdebate wrote:I'm going to say something very controversial.

I like PewDiePie. I find his unabashed, unscripted silliness in reaction to videogames to be humorous. Watching his videos, especially the earlier ones, it doesn't look like he was ever motivated by money or trying to make a career out of playing games. Success found him because people liked his personality. It wasn't even because he's good at games because he's actually not! But that's all part of the fun.

Seems there are two types of people in the world. People who like Pewdiepie's humor and wit, and those who just see him making weird faces and going "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH [CENSORED] [CENSORED] [CENSORED]!!!" every time Slenderman pops up.

Not to put our friend Ptdebate on the spot, as he does not need to defend Pewdiepie, but does anyone have an opinion on the recent controversy?


I don't follow this young man, but he has about 50 million people who do. That is astounding, so lots of people either like him or follow him just because he is popular and they want to keep up.

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