Call of duty infinite warfare

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Call of duty infinite warfare

Postby BlasteroidAli » December 18th, 2016, 3:58 pm

It is free on xbox one this weekend so I thought why not how bad can it be? What I should have thought is how average can it be but I am getting ahead of myself.
So the game is 54 gigs and as it was a digital download I knew that it was going to take forever. After a few hours I thought time to play the game. It said it needed an update. I was like okay. Then it would not update. The next day I deleted it and xbox said it needed to update. So after the update it downloaded it again. A mere 6 hours later on my 50 meg broadband and I found out that it worked. Actually it again said it needed an update but downloaded it this time.

So the I got to play the game. The graphics are great. Thought the game play is the same follow the leader it has been for the last few games. What was more interesting is that if feels more like an attempt at call of halo. You get two levels and that is the demo (?) over. It feels like an a very average game. Next up we had joy of joys.. zombie mode. I played it once and in the video game arcade I spotted Imagic's DEMON ATTACK. I was like amazing.

So there you have it and average cod game with a demon attack reference the only thing that made it good. I thought I would mention it as the critic does not play mp and probably would have to really like something to search out such a wonderful retro classic reference.

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