Games you like that everyone else hates?

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Re: Games you like that everyone else hates?

Postby CaptainCruch » June 8th, 2017, 3:56 am

I really enjoyed playing Mad Dog McCree Gunslinger Pack on the Wii. I love the cheesiness of it and I actually enjoy playing those Mad Dog McCree games. I can understand how everyone hates them, but I dunno. I think it takes me back to a time when trying to do 'something new' with video games was still exciting... integrating FMV, whoah!

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Re: Games you like that everyone else hates?

Postby Zachwave » June 8th, 2017, 8:31 am

Oh jeez, there are over a dozen RPGs released for the Computer that completely fell short but I can say I really enjoy them.

I'm on board with a lot of what you folks have said, the overly ambitious titles that try to do things differently that fell a little short are certainly the ones I remember more then the ones that play it safe.

A little French company called Spiders puts out a lot of B title RPGs that are sloppy but somehow something special.

As for retro games? Anyone remember Tiny Tank? I loved that game, flaws and all! That's the first one that comes to mind.

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Re: Games you like that everyone else hates?

Postby LoganRuckman » June 21st, 2017, 12:30 am

Yoshi's Story for sure. Yeah, it was hella easy, but it had gorgeous visuals, a charming soundtrack, great gameplay, good level design, and a ton of replay value. Sure, Yoshi's Island is superior, but Story is a fantastic game in it's own right, and the negativity towards it is unfair, imo.

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Re: Games you like that everyone else hates?

Postby MoarRipter » June 21st, 2017, 2:59 pm

I still love Wing Commander IV even though it is pretty much universally hated due to having too much FMV although I still think the quality of the acting and production values are heads and shoulders above other FMV games from that era. Mark Hamill, John Ryes-Davies, and Malcolm McDowell make for a good cast. Hell, Malcolm McDowell was the perfect person to play Admiral Tolwyn, he plays a villain very well and anyone that played through WC2 will understand why he was so hated by the player character and how satisfying it is to see him finally get his comeuppance in IV.

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