Memorial Day/Veterans Day military banner

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Memorial Day/Veterans Day military banner

Postby sixam » May 11th, 2017, 4:34 pm

You have special banners for almost every major holiday, but I have never seen a banner dedicated to Memorial Day. I was thinking that a banner featuring military games would look good, and it could be used twice a year, on both Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

The banner should focus on images of service men and women, and not just tanks and jets and other machinery. Both the Metal of Honor and Call of Duty series of games would be good. The United States Army published the game America's Army: Rise of Soldier for Xbox. For older games, I think Commando on NES and Frontline on Colecovision would be good. You should stick to realistic images of soldiers, no bare chested Rambo or Ikari Warriors.

I hope there enough of a lead time for creating a banner for Memorial Day.

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