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Game Idea

Postby DaHeckIzDat » June 12th, 2017, 2:01 am

I just had a neat idea for a game, and since there's no chance it'll ever get made I thought I'd at least share it with you guys.

It's an online multiplayer Halloween themed game (yes, in June), and revolves around trick or treating. It's kind of a mix between the new Friday the 13th game and the Assassin's Creed multiplayer modes. You select your character from a bunch of Halloween costumes, and it drops you in the middle of a normal neighborhood on Halloween night. There'd be about ten or so players, and a ton more NPCs, all dressed in the same assortment of costumes, with no way to automatically tell who's real and who's fake. The NPCs automatically wander around the neighborhood, sometimes alone sometimes in groups, and go up to the houses to trick or treat. The players need to do this too, because every piece of candy they get (one per house) is essentially a notch on their life bar. Getting a treat from the houses is timed, like setting a bomb in an FPS or something, and takes roughly five seconds. The houses also have a cooldown period to keep people from getting treats from the same place over and over. The idea is for the players to blend in with the NPCs as best they can, doing as little as possible to mark themselves as actual people.

That's because one player is given the role of the psychopath. He, too, is dressed in one of the normal costumes, but his job is to find all the real players and kill them before time runs out. He wants to blend in too, because until he makes a move there's nothing to differentiate him from the other NPCs wandering around. Killing an NPC gets him no points, but gives away his position. If that happens, all the other NPCs will run from him, letting any players in the area escape without giving themselves away too. And if he does happen to catch one of the players but fails to kill them, the player can escape and recharge their health through trick or treating. You can't fight the psycho, you can only run and hide from him. The neighborhoods are completely open, meaning you can run anywhere, hop fences, etc to get away, but NPCs will always stay on the sidewalks, and only cross roads at the crosswalks (unless the psycho scares them), so deviating from that pattern is a dead giveaway.

Just to give it a little more variety, there'd be (at least) three weapons the psycho can choose from, but he's stuck with whatever he chooses for the whole match. There's the butcher knife, which is quick but only takes one notch of health per attack. There's an axe, which is slower, giving people more chance to react, but can kill people in one or two hits. And there's the chainsaw, which is guaranteed one hit kill, but is even slower than the axe. Also, maybe you can't put it away after using it, meaning once you make your first move you're permanently exposed? I dunno.

And that's it. If the psycho kills all the players, he wins. Any players who survive until time runs out win. It wouldn't be a huge thing, just a quick, fun multiplayer game. What do you think? Could it work?

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