Systems You Have Sold Off

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Re: Systems You Have Sold Off

Postby goldenband » February 13th, 2018, 12:56 pm

I've never sold anything off, though my parents gave our Atari 5200 collection to a family friend. I'm no more troubled by having games I haven't yet played than I am by having books I haven't gotten around to reading, or DVDs I haven't watched yet. As a Harlan Ellison character one wisely said, "Who wants a library full of books you've already read?"

That said, if I had to give one up, it'd probably be the ColecoVision. I feel no real attachment to that system (other than some childhood memories of getting to play Smurf Rescue and B.C.'s Quest for Tires a little bit once), never really play it, and resent its fragility, tinny sound, and poor controllers. If it had better controllers I might reconsider, but if I want generic MSX-style graphics I have so many other options: TI-99/4A, Sega SG-1000, an emulated MSX...

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Re: Systems You Have Sold Off

Postby Alucard1191 » February 13th, 2018, 4:05 pm

Jeez... I'm not even remotely the only person whose parents made them get rid of systems. I have 4 on my list... In order of "most missed"

4) Atari 2600's: At one point I had 3 of these things with a massive game collection. Almost every "A" game that has been reviewed I owned. All of it went to goodwill when my parents got mad at me for some reason or another.

3) NES: Interesting for this system to be this low on the list for me I suppose. I think this is the only system that actually broke. I gave my games to a friend and tossed the NES.

2) Apple IIe: I had literally hundreds of floppy disks for this old thing, and my parents had me give it to an employee of my Dad's. (I really wasn't ok with it...) I had everything from number munchers to bard's tale to wizardry to those old MUDs like Star Trek and Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. I genuinely miss this thing.

1) Genesis: My parents suddenly decided on a 3 system "policy" when I owned a PS1 and Saturn... which meant I had to get rid of either my SNES of Genesis. I'm still genuinely bitter about this. Some of my all time favorite games, like Shining Force 1+2, and the Streets of Rage games are on this system, and I owned them. I can still remember getting rid of this thing vividly. I'm either going to get an original or a Retro multi-function system that supports genesis cartridges at some point this year.

I'm absolutely going to replace the NES and the Genesis sometime soonish...(Next year or 2) but I don't know if I will ever replace the Apple IIe and the Atari.

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