Why do people buy neo geo games?

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Space Guppy

Why do people buy neo geo games?

Postby Space Guppy » April 11th, 2005, 3:25 am

[QUOTE=The Video Game Critic][QUOTE=mappy mouse pd]
They hit rock bottom when they featured Blasto on the cover and hyped it as the PSX game of the year.

No, they hit rock bottom when they placed a topless Lara Croft on the cover with Duke Nukem holding a sign over her chest. Tasteless and gratuitous, it seemed like an act of desperation from a mag that was quickly becoming irrelevant.[/QUOTE]

Just wondering, quick poll: What was the VGC's "rock bottom" moment in the reviews sections? Let's keep it respectful, I thought this might be a fun exercise. My vote goes for DOA Extreme Beach Volleyball's review

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