What Console to Buy This Holiday?

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Re: What Console to Buy This Holiday?

Postby rockofhysteria » November 16th, 2017, 6:48 pm

I would definately saw a Switch is a great choice this Holiday Season. It's a great system and while the Library is indeed not big at this time it is growing and has gotten a lot of good 3rd Party Support. I have NBA 2k18 and Doom on Switch and both play really great. Of course the 1st party titles speak for themselves on how great they are. The Bomberman game is addictive as hell. And I LOVE Puyo Puyo Tetris as well. Even WWE 2k18 is getting a switch release in December and I will review that version of the game. And I believe I read somewhere that Call of Duty WW2 is going to get a switch release as well.

Also the SNES is a great choice as well very well made with a great selection of games and it's very very very easy to hack and add games to as well.

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