Solar Jetman Nes Xbox rare collection

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Solar Jetman Nes Xbox rare collection

Postby GameOfThrones » January 29th, 2018, 3:03 pm

Having played this years after your review I got what you are on about. This game is totally unfair and not a whole lot of of fun.

Though the interesting thing is where the mechanic comes from. It is a distinctly average title that takes its ideas from three games. Lunar Lander. Atari's classic game. I remember playing this in the 70s. Wow it blew my mind. I was in Rothsey at the time In Scotland and got to play this. It was like I was on Apollo 11 and after setting down on the moon it was mine to explore. Oh the wonder of youth.
Gravitar. I remember going into an arcade in Glasgow called Treasure Island and playing this new weird game. Of course I died a lot playing it. Though it was superb once you got used to the gravity issue.

Lastly on the Sinclair (Timex for you Yanks) Spectrum there was a game called Thurst. A variation on Gravitar. Had all the same issues but you had pick up a pod then watch out for the inertia (fatal?) which could spell your ultimate doom. Imagine my surprise to find out that solar jetman was just Thrust with tarted up graphics. It was also out on the Atari 800xl and Commodore 64. Perhaps your commodore critic might like to review it.
Here is a link for you to make a comparison.

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