The worst games you have played on each system

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Re: The worst games you have played on each system

Postby GameOfThrones » February 13th, 2018, 10:53 pm

goldenband wrote:
Jaguar: I don't know yet, I haven't played enough games. Chequered Flag will be hard to beat, though -- it's just embarrassing.

I was going post this as the worst game on the system but went with the joke it has no bad games on it. I had this game and although it had a lot of great ideas the final play testing really let this game down. I really needed extra work. I was as good as Virtua Racing on the Sega saturn. Though as that game is terrible that is not saying much.

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Re: The worst games you have played on each system

Postby Wallyworld » February 19th, 2018, 9:36 pm

There is only one game I want to give a special non-recommendation to.

When N64 came out my friend bought one and was bragging that Playstation doesn't have anything that plays like Mario 64. Well I thought about it and the only game similar to that I could think of was Bubsy 3D (Even though I had never played it). I responded we have Bubsy 3D!! So proudly I rented the game to show off what my Playstation could do. To my dismay the controls were like nothing I had ever experienced. Instead of turning my Bubsy guy it felt like you would slowly rotate the world to steer what direction Bubsy would go in. If you havn't played its really hard to understand how bad the controls are. I was so embarrassed and had to admit this was the worst game I had ever played.

This game will always have a special place in hell as far as I'm concerned.

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Re: The worst games you have played on each system

Postby CharlieR » February 21st, 2018, 2:13 pm

As far as Wii games go, the worst one I played on the system was M&M's kart racing. I'm a huge kart racing fan; probably my favorite genre of games. This game just wasn't fun at all. Dull, boring tracks, controls were way to sensitive. Probably the worst kart racer on the Wii, although I have not tried Action Girlz Racing.

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