An intresting article on NIS/NISA Nintendo Switch support!

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An intresting article on NIS/NISA Nintendo Switch support!

Postby Sonicx9 » April 9th, 2018, 7:57 pm ... -the-west/

A little late, but this is something the critic and others would want to check out as it has interesting info.

They say that the Switch version games are selling twice as much as their PS4 counterparts.

And the most interesting point is this part, “We’re starting to do more on Nintendo Switch. SNK Heroines is not the only one. They support us in a good way. Compared to that, Sony is not friendly with small publishers like us. They just care about big Japanese companies. Also, if we simultaneously release a Switch version and a PS4 version of the same title, currently the sales trend is two to one. That means the Switch version sells twice as much as the PS4 version. Physically and digitally. A lot of PS4 titles are coming up, so the market is very competitive. Compared to that, the Switch market still has lots of room for publishers to make money.”

And this is good because it shows the Switch is great for smaller to mid size games and publishers and developers and gives them an edge compared to the more crowded PS4 market.

People like critic and others should read this as it has good info.

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