THQ Rises from the grave!

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Re: THQ Rises from the grave!

Postby Sonicx9 » September 6th, 2019, 5:18 pm

MSR1701 wrote:Cost being the big issue. RPGs consume lots of dats for dialog alone, and even in the SNES days the character limits were being felt (especially outside of Japan, see Chrono Trigger). Cart memory prices were not as attractive as CD prices, and you got more storage per dollar.

Another lost N64 RPG, Mother 3, is an example of what might have been. Also, CD games could compress to N64 if the publisher felt enough profits would warrant it - see Resident Evil 2 64.

And do remember, RPGs were still a very niche market in the late 90s, and not guaranteed to bring in high dollars.

All great points and it true that cost also played a role for N64 vs PS1 and Saturn, and true the largest 2 disc from PS1 to N64 was a hard task for RE2 case, and true that JRPGs where niche even with FF7 making them more popular.

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