Nintendo really sets the internet on fire (Quite Literally)

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Nintendo really sets the internet on fire (Quite Literally)

Postby TheBlondeGamePunk3 » September 14th, 2018, 8:07 am

Yesterday I did watch Nintendo's September 13th Direct and it did carry quite a bit of new info on upcoming games, A large amount of Final Fantasy is being ported and Nintendo is keeping up well with it's series and teasing many new upcoming games, and a new Animal Crossing on the Switch in 2019, The real kicker that caused over 300 YouTubers to do reaction videos and set on fire? Was the announcement of Isabelle, The Villager's "Semi-Clone" as the overall 73rd character in Smash Brothers Ultimate, That did suprise me as I never suspected that another animal crossing character would join the series.

Because I predict that this will be Nintendo's final direct for this year (unless I haven't counted in any others I don't know of) The characters that are secret in SSBU will be that:Secret for us to find like easter eggs throughout the game and I have no problem at all with this, But interestingly reading the comments sections of a few videos it mentioned Nintendo did trademark the Golden Sun name so that makes many wonder if Issac from that series is going to be in the game.

Is Nintendo finally branching out to appeal more to the fans? They are somewhat but you know that most players are hard to please at times..

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