Gamestop posts massive losses

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Re: Gamestop posts massive losses

Postby djc » April 19th, 2019, 8:49 pm

You have to go back a number of years to see how the industry changed. In the 1990's, there were a number of videogame-centric chains like Electronics Boutique, Babbages, Funcoland, etc... This doesn't include secondary retail game outlets like Toys R Us, K-B Toys, and others that sold games alongside other toys and merchandise.

Over the years they all either folded or were bought by Gamestop. In the 2000's when places like eBay came around, it became easier to buy online plus you had a much larger selection to choose from. The majority of my gaming hardware came from sites like Videogame Liquidators, TurboZoneDirect (how I miss this one :cry: ), and eBay.

It just feels like Gamestop who in recent years has been carrying more than games (funco pops, cards, pseudo-collectables) is meeting the same fate as other brick and mortar retailers. That and they just can't compete in terms of selection and price. If I am looking for a specific game, I head over to eBay *using Dave's links of course* and find/buy the game.

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