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A rant on EA and other lazy/incompetent devs on the Switch.

Posted: June 18th, 2019, 9:22 pm
by Sonicx9
I know this is late for EA case, but here goes nothing but EA is once again taking a dumb on the Nintendo Switch fans with another gimped FIFA port, and this year is even worse as it basically FIFA 19 Switch (which was based on the PS3/Xbox 360 Legacy Edition versions of FIFA 19.) Being called FIFA 20 Legacy Edition, it lame how EA can not get the Frostbite 3 working on Switch, yet more demanding game engines like UE4, id Tech 6 and 7, and the REDengine 3 for the upcoming Witcher 3 port. But here is the catch Frostbite 3 runs on PS3 and Xbox 360, while more demanding engines like UE4, id Tech 6 and 7, and the REDengine 3 only work on PC/PS4/Xbox One/Switch and maybe high end iOS and Android devices a cut down version of UE4. What a total joke.

Also why does a game like SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy have HD PS2 graphics and potato PC system requirements: ... am_Frenzy/ run sub par on Switch: yet the far more graphically demanding MK 11: ... _Kombat11/ runs great on Switch :, heck Unity 3D has an infamous rep for bad framerate on consoles yet Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid uses Unity 3D and is 60FPS on Switch:

I swear devs are too lazy on Switch and just want to do PC X86 code dumps on PS4 and Xbox One and call it a day. And the problem is most devs are not digging into the Switch hardware enough are optimizing properly on Switch just makes me very angry because it just shows that companies do not take the system seriesly outside of Nintendo and the comptiend devs/publishers that care which do thankfully exist it just they don't want to put proper effort and it just sad.