Most popular streamer moves to new platform

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Most popular streamer moves to new platform

Postby Voor » August 3rd, 2019, 9:54 pm

Ninja, known mostly for his online fortnite play and streams, has moved away from Twitch to Mixer (which I believe is run by Microsoft). Considering that he typically has 80,000 people viewing him at a time when he plays and has millions of Twitch followers, this is a big deal. Details aren’t know, but it’s speculated that the move earned him possibly a $10+ million dollar payday.

I know streaming isn’t something this forum focuses on, but in the grand scheme of gaming, this is more evidence about the crazy amount of $$$$ in the industry beyond just buying consoles and games.

*i personally watch a handful of streamers, and have never followed Ninja, but am aware of his presence on commercials, magazine covers, etc.

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