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Re: Pinterest?

Postby Atariboy » August 14th, 2019, 7:34 am

I've had a smartphone for six months and could live without it.

I use it to stream my favorite radio station when I can't pick it up directly and have streamed a few classic NASCAR races off the MRN website in recent weeks when I'm going to be in the car for a few hours. But otherwise I've only used it to help locate ships along the St. Lawrence Seaway to photograph (Another hobby of mine) and sometimes when waiting to pick up family members at doctor appointments or sitting at a car garage while the car is getting worked on, I'll look at forums like this and AtariAge to kill a few minutes.

I don't know what people are doing on them when they can't walk 5' without looking at it or go 5 minutes away from it. I remember a hilarious editorial a while ago in the New York Times where a woman is in Grand Central Terminal and her battery dies. As she's having a panic attack due to being phone-less, she starts to finally look at her surroundings and notice some of the beauty there for the first time.

I hope whatever that bug is, that I don't catch it.

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Re: Pinterest?

Postby CharlieR » August 14th, 2019, 8:55 am

Not to get too off-topic, but I agree. I have an ipod touch and a flip style tracfone. I don't use a phone that much, but I use the ipod touch like a smartphone to download apps, check email, browse the internet.

I think the thing can be a timewaster. The new update came with an app called screen time. it tells you which apps you use and for how long. My weekly report says my screen time was 3 hours and 13 minutes a day! Over the course of a day, I guess that's ok, but wow. I guess a lot of it is when I'm watching tv in bed or sitting outside with nothing to do, just flipping through social media apps or the internet. Sometimes I find myself staring at the screen thinking of what app to check next.

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Re: Pinterest?

Postby Retro STrife » August 14th, 2019, 9:48 am

VideoGameCritic wrote:You don't need a smart phone if your wife has one...

:lol: I guess that's true - I hadn't thought of it that way.

VideoGameCritic wrote:PS: I was able to post to Instragram thanks to your link.

Nice - I found your page on there ("therealvideogamecritic"), but it took a couple minutes of searching. It's too bad that a few people already used the "videogamecritic" name, and they aren't even doing anything useful with it - their pages are just dead. Anyway, if you're looking to get the page rolling, here's a few tips I'd give:

1. Add "Video Game Critic" as part of your real name, so that you come up easier in searches.
2. Add your logo as your profile pic, so that people can identify you easier when they find you.
3. You might want to edit your bio. It says "running a site that reviews every console game ever made since 1999"... to people that don't know you they will see the "since 1999" at the end and read that to mean that you only review games "made since 1999". I'd just clarify the wording like "running a site since 1999 that reviews every console game ever made", to clarify that "since 1999" refers to running the site.

4. Big one: To gain new followers that aren't specifically looking for you, you'll want to get good at adding hashtags to your posts. See how other gaming pages do it as examples (again, Retro Rick is a good example).. but basically you'll want to have a string of things like "#videogames #retrogaming #retrogames #gamereviews #spongebob #gamecube" etc etc after your post caption. That way your page pops up when people search the #retrogaming hashtag, and you get new followers that way and new visitors to the website.

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Re: Pinterest?

Postby Tron » September 10th, 2019, 6:51 pm

Once in awhile on a Google search something cool comes up on pinterest. I click on it to see what it is and automatically required to sign in. Forget that.

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