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Re: Great Moments in Video Game History

Postby Crummylion » January 27th, 2020, 7:19 pm

I feel like I'm too young to post a great moment from personal experience as I feel we kinda ran its course in terms of magic... So I'll just post with someone else's accomplishment. Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time is probably the most divisive video game of all time. Having once been considered best game of all time, now scorned by gamers mainly of the newer generation. Despite the hate, people still go out of their way to show their love for the game. Speedruns, hacks, fan theories etc. Someone even beaten the game literally blind through in-game audio cues and trial and error. This is a rare thing to see with how inaccessible gaming can be to some, so to see someone beat a game through what's given to them is a feat for both gaming and tech. ... rL&index=1
Even if it was bad, I feel it did more for gaming than any other masterpieces as deemed by gamers or media outlets. It's also great to see other game devs provide more access to their games, especially Microsoft with their new accessibility controller.

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Re: Great Moments in Video Game History

Postby Retrology » January 28th, 2020, 3:02 pm

How about a modern gaming moment?

In Breath of the Wild, after completing the first four shrines you collect the hang glider and are now allowed to explore the entire length of Hyrule after being trapped on an isolated, tall structure for the beginning of the game. And you're able to complete the game however you want and beat the dungeons from any order you choose, giving you an even greater sense of freedom than any Zelda game before.

The glider itself is really an improved version of the Korok Leaf from The Wind Waker, but it's thrilling to fly thousands of feet in the air and travel wherever you want. And of course making it from point A to point B before losing your stamina (including climbing and swimming) is ridiculously satisfying.

Speaking of Switch games, Super Mario Odyssey has another great modern gaming moment. The first time you take over a create with the help of Cappy (your hat), you get to change into that creature. For instance the first creature you can transform into is a frog, and I was legit blown away when I discovered how high I could jump.

And let's not forget transforming into an actual sized T-rex. That blew my mind even more, and controlling this beast was a lot of fun.

Really these two games spoiled my expectations for any new releases before or after. If I had to choose, these two would be in my top 5 all time, with BOTW at #1.

But anyway I feel like the Critic should include these two gaming moments as part of his special page, as they really changed how I feel about video games completely and turned my world upside down.

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