Do you think the Critic would enjoy Monster Hunter World despite his review for MH3U?

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Do you think the Critic would enjoy Monster Hunter World despite his review for MH3U?

Postby evergreen13 » March 11th, 2020, 8:58 am

I'll admit, I'm part of those "legions of gamers" that like the Monster Hunter games, both old and new. That said, I'll be the first to acknowledge how archaic the games were prior to World. Honestly, most of Dave's complaints about MH3U were pretty valid, and a lot of them were finally fixed in World. I'm going to take a look at some of his complaints in MH3U and see how World might have addressed them.

1. Clunky combat system - still a bit clunky in World, but definitely improved. Part of this is intentional, as much like Dark Souls the combat has "weight" to it, and each swing is supposed to be intentional. The buttons are still a bit unintuitive, but nothing you can't get used to.

2. Water mission suck - yup, they sucked in MH3U and have been removed from all games since.

3. Using items - In World, you can walk around and drink a potion and don't have to deal with that stupid flex animation. After playing hundreds of hours in these games, I understand the unwritten rules, so they don't really seem arbitrary to me so I'm not entirely sure what he's complaining about here.

4. The interface - improved, but still room for improvement.

5. Equipping armor and weapons - you can do this not only in between quests, but also back at a base camp within quests! Definitely an improvement here.

6. Picking up items - much more streamlined; you actually pick up all mushrooms available with a single button press, and you don't have to worry about stopping for a gathering animation. AND on top of that, if you are gathering at what looks like a blue mushroom, chances are it will actually be all blue mushrooms!

7. Environments - this is the big one for World, no longer being limited to zones, having much more interesting landscapes, and no invisible walls!

8. "Slay five Jaggia" - still not as clear as it could be, as even after all this time I'll still just go around slaying random monsters until I figure out which monster they want you to kill. But this is definitely much less of an issue in World than in the older games.

The point of this thread is simply acknowledging that the Critic really did have some valid complaints about MH3U, and I can certainly understand why he might be avoiding the series from here on out. But given the number of improvements in World, maybe the Critic should give the series another chance.

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