I've recently rediscovered my love of fighting games!

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I've recently rediscovered my love of fighting games!

Postby evergreen13 » August 27th, 2020, 10:15 am

The Critic seems to be a big fan of old school fighting games, but is a little less enthusiastic about modern fighters. Much of this appears to be due to the online nature of modern fighting games, so I get it. Honestly, the pricing strategies they have been using with season passes and DLC really is off putting, but I also think about how games like Street Fighter or King of Fighters would have basically annual updates to them anyways where you'd have to buy a whole new game, but I digress...

I'm not good at fighting games, and I regularly get my butt kicked when I go online. But there's something so pure about going 1v1 against someone; it's just you and another player, testing your knowledge and skill in a game. Nobody else to mess things up, no environmental advantages or anything. A good fight will have this push and pull to it that creates a tension like no other. Some fights end up feeling like a choreographed dance that is so satisfying. When you win a close match, you can't help but feel amped! When you lose a close match you just want to try again, thinking next time I'll finally get you!

So what have I been playing? Well, my rediscovery started with Tekken 7. I've been a fan of the series since Tekken 3, and I've always appreciated the style of fighting in the series. I also picked up the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection. While I grew up with Street Fighter II Turbo on the SNES, I kinda checked out of the series after that because it just seemed overly complicated with all the meters and combos and special moves, I just never thought I could keep up. Man I was wrong. These games are great! My favs are Super Turbo, Alpha 2, and Third Strike (which is super impressive and more accessible than I was led to believe). This collection convinced me to pick up Street Fighter V Champion Edition as well, which is also better than I expected. I also grabbed SoulCalibur VI, but honestly, it's disappointing. Oh, and then there's Smash Brothers Ultimate, if you consider that a fighting game. That one is always a blast!

Along the way I discovered Fightcade, basically an emulator for old school fighting games with some built in netcode. While I rarely go online because the people who play on this are insanely good, I have enjoyed discovering old classics like Samurai Shodown II and other SNK games, or revisiting classics like the Darkstalkers games. The 2D art back in the day was pretty amazing, and some of the soundtracks have some incredible beats.

This also got me thinking about the VGC. Despite being a fan of fighting games, he hasn't done a list of his favorite fighting games! There wasn't even a single fighting game in his list of top 25 multiplayer games of all time. Could be a fun topic, though I imagine in this era of COVID it might be difficult to assess without having friends over to play them...

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Re: I've recently rediscovered my love of fighting games!

Postby Voor » August 27th, 2020, 7:10 pm

Yeah, I’ve recently picked up Smash Ultimate and I’ve really enjoyed it. Even online, it feels like everyone is better than me, but it makes it super satisfying when I actually get a win.

My only issue is that there are SOOOO many characters, it feels like I’ll never learn all of them, so I find myself not even trying and just sticking to 2-3 characters I’ve used since the 64 version.

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