Mario 35 Anniversary

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Re: Mario 35 Anniversary

Postby MSR1701 » October 2nd, 2020, 6:39 pm

Finally tried it, mixed feelings. Not a fan of online-only games to begin with, and not obvious what one should do right away. That said, it was a fun play.

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Re: Mario 35 Anniversary

Postby VicViper » October 3rd, 2020, 3:35 am

I like it a lot, however the early levels come back WAY TOO MUCH.


Every time, I try to start at 3-1, but it always boots me at 1-1 and the eternal ~5 people who die at the first Goomba (this is embarrassing). I just got a game where I started at 1-1, went to 1-2, then warped back to 1-1, gone to 1-3, and then I went back and forth between 1-1 & 1-3 for 5 straight minutes.

I know people love to brag about the tight design of 1-1 in SMB1 (and that's why there are SO MANY COPYCATS in Super Mario Maker 1 & 2), but this is overload. If 1-1 times 32 (the amount of levels in SMB1) were the entire game, I'd have completed the game 4 times already.

My gameplay is less about "GOTTA GO FAST" and more trying to go moderately fast and getting all the coins I can. For example in 1-1, I don't bother with the pipe that puts me at the end of the level, I instead get the secret 1-Up and go for the 10-or-so coin block. And since I encounter enemies there, I can boost my timer, especially whenever I get the star.

Since there are people who aim for the ones with the most coins, it's more enemies in my path, therefore more chances to build that timer. It helps tremendously towards the middle and end, because the timer becomes extremely fast after the Top 5 have been at it for several minutes, and there it's the moment where you have to mostly rush through.

Going full on speedrun doesn't increase your timer, there's no real advantage to go extremely fast and take tons of risks from the start in this game, in fact I'd say if you try to speedrun, that means you're not trying to kill the enemies.

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