Bad voice actors?

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Re: Bad voice actors?

Postby VicViper » November 25th, 2020, 11:38 am

DaHeckIzDat wrote:How much can bad voice acting ruin an otherwise good game for you?

I started playing Final Fantasy X for the first time in probably fifteen years or more today, and holy crap I forgot how bad Tidus' voice was! It's a shame, because most of the other actors do a pretty good job. But since Tidus is the central character in such a story heavy game, every time he opens his mouth my appreciation for the game goes down a little more.

Most of the other actors? Eeeeeeh...

Funnily enough, the NPCs & extras were the best acted. The main characters were either just decent enough or flat out awful.

Tidus was bad, but I felt Yuna was even worse. Even in moments where she's supposed to be emotionally charged, the actress underplays it so hard (on top of it being... really bad).

And worst about all of that, is that the Japanese voice actors aren't really all that great either, they're superior to English at least (thankfully).

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