G4 coming back?

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G4 coming back?

Postby SuperiorShark » June 19th, 2021, 2:24 pm

Does anybody remember G4? It was a cable channel dedicated to video games and apparently it's coming back later this year as a full fledged tv channel. Right now, they've just got a YouTube channel but based on everything I've read it looks like they're actually going to make a return to TV. I was just a kid when G4 was on but I remember watching a show called X Play where they would review all the new games coming out. Part of me thinks this is kind of cool but with Twitch and YouTube and all the media outlets there are covering gaming, not to mention the slow death of cable, I can't see this taking off. Back in 2002-2006 whenever, this might have been cool but now it just seems redundant. Thoughts?

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Re: G4 coming back?

Postby Matchstick » June 19th, 2021, 4:42 pm

My heart skipped a beat when I saw your post - I thought you were referring to a Power Macintosh, at first! Settle down, Apple nerd...

I really liked ZDTV back in the day. It had some geeky, yet entertaining shows, such as Big Thinkers, The Screen Saves, Audiophile, and GameSpot TV. That last show "evolved" into X-Play, much as ZDTV changed over to G4. Frankly, I never liked the shift in attitude that came with the changeover. Whereas ZDTV was geared more towards a knowledgeable, tech-savvy audience, G4 went more for the attention-grabbing approach, with a huge shift in presentation and attitude. I stopped watching decades ago.

G4? Good riddance. ZDTV? That one, I miss dearly.

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Re: G4 coming back?

Postby VideoGameCritic » June 19th, 2021, 5:36 pm

Ahh yes I remember G4 and especially Olivia Munn who was on there. It was the kind of channel I liked to keep on in the background - kind of like the old MTV - when they played music.

Frankly I don't see why these channels fail. I mean, the programming is basically free to produce and people will watch it for hours on end.

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Re: G4 coming back?

Postby Crummylion » June 21st, 2021, 1:13 am

An in-joke a twitch channel I'd watch would make be that they were the ones that brought the channel back because all the jokes they made about the channel being the revival or offering to buy it, even going as far as reacting to clips from Code Monkeys on their channel. All jokes aside, the people in that community were actually surprised to see G4 back.
I was also really young when the channel was a thing. Think I found it when channel surfing on the babysitter's tv once and saw Super Smash Bros Melee on the tv and found it more captivating than reading the weekly store ads or browsing the web when I still couldn't grasp it just to find the latest and niftiest games. Come to eventually find out, my parents concluded that the weekly ads were a vastly better option, lol.

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