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Angry Video Game Nerd still on physical

Postby VideoGameCritic » August 20th, 2022, 12:37 pm

I had always enjoyed collecting the AVGN episodes on DVD and later Blu Ray, but in recent years it seems he's been focused on streaming, causing the physical media to run dry. Heck, if you look on Amazon none of his stuff is even available.

Then just a few days ago I stumbled upon this site! ... ay-and-dvd

Not only does it have all his Blu Ray stuff, but there's a relatively new disc covering Seasons 13 and 14! I ended up ordering the BFG collection along with the new seasons. That's 175 episodes of AVGN goodness. There's still leaves 25+, but I'm hopeful another addendum disc will be released soon.

If you prefer discs to streaming (like I do) I would take advantage of this site and stock up!

I may also use this opportunity to actually review these discs.

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