Best games for certain times of day?

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Best games for certain times of day?

Postby DaHeckIzDat » September 2nd, 2022, 4:07 pm

Are there certain types of games you enjoy more at certain times of day?

For me, I want to play thinking games earlier in the day, when I'm less tired and able to dedicate more mental energy to it. Games like Fire Emblem fit into this. Faster paced games like Devil May Cry are better off played early in the day too, since my reflexes (which were never that good to begin with) suffer the more tired I am.

But more laid back games are better for relaxing after work. Games with an exploration focus or a routine for you to follow, like Skyrim or Stardew Valley, where you're allowed to do your own thing without feeling pressure to do anything you don't want to. Weirdly enough, Dark Souls fits that category for me too since it's combat is relatively slow paced once you get a handle on it.

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Re: Best games for certain times of day?

Postby VideoGameCritic » September 2nd, 2022, 5:39 pm

An interesting topic! I've never really thought of it, but I think my gaming is highly influenced by the time of day.

I know that on a Saturday morning I like to play something "light" like a 16-bit platformer or an NES or Atari 2600 game.

I'll save the more heavy duty games for the middle of the day, like a sports game or survival horror adventure.

At night I prefer something I can play with a drink in hand, like a shooting, fighting game, or driving game. LOL

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Re: Best games for certain times of day?

Postby Zack Burner » September 2nd, 2022, 6:04 pm

I wholeheartedly agree with this post! Some games have that night-time feel that's best played at night like Streets of Rage (the original), and some survival horror. When it's light and hot, I play a nice summertime game like Super Mario Sunshine, and winter some game that has a snowy landscape like Super Empire Strikes Back or the 2 levels in Sly 2: Band of Thieves.

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