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The Select Button

Postby VideoGameCritic » September 11th, 2022, 10:06 am

Reviewing all games across all eras causes me to run into a lot of inconsistencies. One is which button you use to "select" on menus.

On the Playstation, it was the X button, which was the bottom of the diamond configuration of buttons on the right side. I think the Dreamcast was the same, because A was in the lower position. B was off to the right, and usually meant back.

I think it was Nintendo that threw a monkey wrench into things. I don't know when it happened exactly, but at least on the Switch the A is on the far right and used to select. The thing is, I got an Japanese Switch import and it was set up just the opposite.

This would explain while trying to set up a multiplayer game (like Mario Strikers) there's always one or more people accidentally "backing up" to the main menu while trying to select a character.

I think it's kind of annoying that for the most basic function there's not a standard button for it. Thoughts?

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