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Re: Things You Will Never Forgive Game Companies For

Posted: May 29th, 2024, 8:20 pm
by DrLitch
jon wrote:The PS1 couldn’t come close to doing Viewpoint well.

I do not think anything at the time could run it at the same fidelity. Sharp X68000 could not handle it either despite being well known for it's arcade accuracy with Capcom titles.

jon wrote:So I’d say the PS1 was about 80% as good with 2d as the Neo Geo.

Probably 30% too high, I am not sure even the Dreamcast could match the Neo Geo on some of those arcade titles. Many ports of the fighters are not frame perfect on it. Maybe the Dreamcast is also running an emulator. I remember reading somewhere (I think Digital Foundry) where they found even the PS2 would drop frames versus the Neo Geo counterpart. I guess that explains why the Neo Geo has such an enthusiastic community committed to running the titles on native hardware.

Re: Things You Will Never Forgive Game Companies For

Posted: May 31st, 2024, 5:17 pm
by Quick_Man ... 0190640431

This Twitter thread got me really irritated. TL;DR there was a Killer Instinct 2013 tournament in 2021 held online during the pandemic era of the fighting game scene where fighting games without good netcode got clowned on. KI was super ahead of the curve releasing all the way back in 2013 with online play that's still some of the smoothest and best you can find in a fighting game 11 years later. The tournament gets run, numbers are great, everyone has a good time as they usually do with KI 2013 as it's basically known as one of the most underrated fighting games of all time to fighting game fans. And then Microsoft say "never do anything like that ever again". The reason being? Because they were scared this would make people think Microsoft might actually have plans for Killer Instinct.

Absolutely rage-inducing.

Re: Things You Will Never Forgive Game Companies For

Posted: June 3rd, 2024, 12:51 am
by strat
VideoGameCritic wrote:How about how Sony hindered the release of 2D games for the original Playstation because they wanted all of its games to look "cutting-edge".

Are there any direct quotes that this was a deliberate policy? The PS1 has enough 2D American releases that I'm inclined to believe this is exaggerated. Yeah, some games like Little Ralph are JPN exclusive but that's very common and it's not like all 3D PS1 games made it out, either.

Most of what I found with a quick search was all hearsay (someone claimed Capcom threatened to withhold Resident Evil 2 if Sony wouldn't accept Megaman X4, which sounds ridiculous).

Then again, a Sony exec who oversaw the PS1's launch said they were dead against edutainment games and a few of those trickled out. This all could apply more to the PS1's first year than anything, but I doubt a lot of third parties needed convincing. A big part of Jaguar's mediocrity was rehashing 16-bit style games.