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Hot Coffee(GTA)

Postby RememberShaqFu? » August 4th, 2005, 6:35 pm

Ok, I was talking to a friend about this today and how many chains are pulling GTA:SA from the shelves for the AO re-rating. His argument(which I actually agreed with) was that Playboy: the Game and Leisure Suit Larry both had nudity and sex in them but yet retained their M rating. Though I'm not really a fan of GTA, nor am I a crusader for sex and violence in video games(nudity in games, in my opinion, is sort of really serves no purpose for any normal person), I do think it's a valid point. How many of you think the ESRB did the right/wrong thing?

sega saturn x

Hot Coffee(GTA)

Postby sega saturn x » August 4th, 2005, 7:17 pm

defenitely the right thing. Rockstar knew the content was in the game but released it anyway, its their own fault. And i'm happy gta is off the shelves, it makes room for better games.


Hot Coffee(GTA)

Postby twiceborn10600 » August 5th, 2005, 12:02 am

I think it was the wrong move. I mean sure I agree that nudity in games really is rather creepy, and serves no purpose but to turn on really sick disturbing folk. However I also think are socitey gets way to upset over sex. I mean seriously the violence is fine(dont get me wrong many games would be pointless without it) but as soon as someone shows a nipple everyone busts a nut.(no punn intended)


Hot Coffee(GTA)

Postby Alienblue » August 5th, 2005, 1:11 am

AGREED TIMES 10! I do not own any new systems so don't play "adult" games (closest would be DUKE NUKEUM some years back).
Why oh why is it okay to blow away old ladies and laugh as they scream, and stick a knife in a cops back or strangle a hooker, yet some lady shows her boobs and everyone has a fit. I remember wayyy back when the SNES Stormlord was released , they had to put "bikini tops" on the fairy statues EVEN THOUGH SAID STATUES HAD NO NIPPLES!!! C'mon guys, you can see nude women in art museums why not games? (or nude guys for that matter).

I don't have kids but I'd be more concearned if my 5 year old played a game where someone was shot to pieces in a bloody mess, screaming and crying, then if he saw a naked lady.

On the other hand, "toilet humor" is a bit immature and I never found it funny when Duke took a leak or "wowed" at a poster of a half naked vixen. To each his own I guess.


Hot Coffee(GTA)

Postby Dennis » August 5th, 2005, 9:52 am

I wouldn't buy a game with nudity and excessive violence like GTA, but I think it should be available for adults if they want it.  Pulling it from shelves because of the rating defeats the whole purpose of the rating.  Game companies make little tweaks to bring it down to an "M" rating, then kids can buy it, even though it's not much different. 


The movie ratings work the same way.  A movie gets an NC-17 rating, so they make cuts and bring it down to a R.  That way, kids can go see it, even though it still has the same adult themes and nudity and violence, etc., but with maybe one 5-second scene cut out.  It's bulls***.


Oh, I also think it's hypocritical for all the senators to freak out about a little sex, but not be worried about the violence previously in the game.  Which is more harmful?  Is sex illegal?  No, but killing prostitutes is, so which should earn the game its "AO" rating??  Grandstanding idiots.

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