Gamefly is having a huge sale!

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Gamefly is having a huge sale!

Postby Edward1 » December 23rd, 2008, 8:08 pm

Gamefly is a rental place, but sometimes they sell their games.  The games come with new case and manuals, because they don't send them out when they ship them.   I've bought several games from them, and never had a scratched disc so they seem to be good.   Here is the link.

I would say the best deals are the following. Everything has free shipping

For Wii the Best deal is Blast Works 8 bucks (Seriously no excuse not to get it at this price Its a great unique shootemup)
Batillion Wars may also be a good deal at 13 bucks

For 360 the good deals are the following
Ninja Gaiden 2 15 bucks
Devil May Cry 4 13 bucks
Stunt man Ignition 10 bucks
GTA4 for 20 bucks

Also Conan is pretty decent God of War clone, its probably worth the 8 bucks.

PS3 has less good deals but Turok for 10 bucks is a great deal on a underrated game.

DS has Ninja Gaiden for 13 bucks.   That's pretty much a must have game.

I don't really see any good deals for PS2 or PSP.

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