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Best and Worst Platforming Mascots

Posted: March 13th, 2009, 11:10 pm
by N64Dude1
What's your favorite and least favorite of platforming mascots as a character not the games as a whole

Best: Mario  (He's appeared in 200+ games and 175 of them are fun and good my favorite out of all his offerings is Super Mario 64  because it had the best gameplay  a good camera , good soundtrack, and it's not ridiculously easy  like the NES trilogy and World but I love all of the main series. As a character you gotta love the hero qualities and humility I could go on but you know the rest)   

Worst: Bubsy  (His early games were below average but still playable. His character however sucks,he's arrogant,annoying,childish and just about as egotistical as you can get and then when Bubsy 3D came around he wouldn't shut up and instead of  having a somewhat alright voice,he has this Drunken Marge Simpson voice and he looks bad. If SONY had never come around there would have been a platforming crash and every las company would've overflowed the market with Bubsy style games.Bubsy almost caused a Crash)