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Need Playtesters for my Masters Thesis

Posted: April 4th, 2009, 6:02 pm
by feilong801
Hello All,

I'm completing a Master's Thesis for SMU Guildhall, and I am gathering testers. All you have to do is install and play a level I made for Unreal Tournament III, then fill out a questionnaire. It should not take any longer than a half hour.

The only requirement to participate in my study is that you own Unreal Tournament III (so you can play the level, of course). I may take the time to make a PS3 build of the level, if enough people email me with that preference, but most likely I will keep this limited to the PC version of the game.

If interested, please email me (click on the username) and I'll set you up when I am ready to begin testing, which is sometime later this week (most likely Thursday).

Thanks in advance for your help in completing my thesis.