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New Pac Merchandise

Postby Alienblue » June 6th, 2009, 5:50 pm

The wave of RETRO has expanded again!

Remember in 1982 you could find Pac-man t-shirts,dolls,candy,
bubblegum,dart board games, EVERYTHING?

I walked into our Toy Store Today and was suprised to see, in addition to the Peanuts keychains I had come in to buy (I collect videogames, books, Star Trek/Wars stuff and Peanuts stuff...I wonder why I'm poor!), some Pac-Man Candy cases and BAND-AIDS!
The band-aids were $4.50, the candy about $3 each. The Candy comes in three versions, PAC MAN, Blinky (the red ghostmonster),
and a Blue "frightened" Ghostmonster. I bought one of each.

Oh, there were also Super Mario candy Mushrooms and Zelda gold cases, but I drew the line at collecting pre-1983 stuff. (with all i collect I must budget somehow!).

Since I keep everything I buy sealed, I have no idea what the candy is....possibly those sweet n sour pac/GM shapes from 1982.
Retro is good! Be on the lookout for these!

Oh...I also scored a light up Gungan Sub for $2 and three Ewok figures for $1.00 at a lawn sale. I'm not a huge WARS fan, much more into trek, so I may trade these sometime. They are boxed
and mint, never used! Quite a find!

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