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Spyborgs early impressions

Posted: October 24th, 2009, 1:20 am
by Zenzerotron
Actraiser wanted to know, here you go, after playing the game for about 2 hours~

The most striking thing I can say is this game looks, sounds, and feels like a Dreamcast game. I totally have the feeling I'm partying like it's 1999. The game just has that unique quirky, campy, weird, yet lovable feeling to it that Dreamcast games seemed to have.

The controls really take getting used to. There's one attack button on the remote and one attack button on the nunchuck. This game  REALLY needs an option to use the Gamecube and/or  Classic controller, but sadly it isn't an option. This is my only knock on the game so far

There maybe 35-ish stages, but so far,  each stage has been very very short,  like 5 minutes or less.  The game autosaves after every stage.

It's like because of the very short stages and frequent autosaves, this game is meant to be played in little bite-size pieces. Magazines knocked this game for being too difficult and too redundant, but honestly, due to the small quick stages with autosaves in between them, I think it's an unfair complaint.

I also like the fact that the game is always played with 2 players, playing solo, the computer controls the second fighter. I first remember this beat-em-up feature in Final Fight 3(SNES), and felt it is was such a great idea at the time, that it should have been a standard feature in all beat-em-ups, but sadly, it wasn't the case, untill Spyborgs anyway.

I already feel like I've gotten my 20 bucks worth, even if the game does get too hard to finish in later stages. Overall, I can say, if the prospect of having the feeling that you've just unearthed some campy-yet-decent 1999 Dreamcast game appeals to you, it's totally worth a mere 20 bucks.