Wolfenstein 3D and Doom for the Jaguar

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Wolfenstein 3D and Doom for the Jaguar

Postby Truthfulpietro1 » December 31st, 2009, 9:16 pm

Dear Dave (Video Game Critic)

I've been reading your review of Wolfenstein 3D for the Atari Jaguar.

I've noticed you missed out a few facts about the game.

I was told this game was made in about a weekend, making it a shovelware, to an extent. In fact, Wolfenstein 3D was basically made to see if it was possible to port Doom to the Jaguar and nothing else. Plus this version borrows various aspects of Doom, not just in terms of graphics, but also uses the Health system is very similar to Doom. E.g. if you collect what should be the extra live in the Jaguar version your health is bolsted up to 200 health points instead. This is taken staight out of the Supercharge pickup from Doom. This also goes the same for the treasure you would collect for extra points, instead, they increase you health a bit. All of this makes the Jaguar version version of Wolfenstein 3D seem a bit like a "Black Sheep" version of Wolfenstein.

I wanted to let you know.

Are you going to do a review of Doom for the Jaguar?

From Truthfulpietro

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