Greatest Golf Games

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Greatest Golf Games

Postby 0-Storm » March 22nd, 2011, 9:09 am

Greatest Golf game?

Games I've played or at least remember playing

1. Hot Shots Golf 4 <PS2> ---Best balance of skill & challenge.

2. Hot Shots 1,2, & 3 <PS1, PS1 & PS2> ---loved them, but got rid of them. Need to get them back.

3. NES Open <NES> --- Still a great game. Unbelievable how deep a NES sports game could be. A little hard & the odd way the ball travels makes it difficult to just pick up & play & be good. Need to give time to this one.

4. Tiger Woods 10 <Wii> --- Fun being able to actually swing. Controls are responsive. A little too ez. I suppose setting could be more finer tuned to create more challenge.

5. Tiger Woods 07 <X Box 360> ---Beautiful graphics. Love Create a Golfer & career mode. Analog swings just aren't as good as 3-click swing.

6. Power Golf <Turbo Grafyx 16> --- Very basic, but extremely challenging. One slight mistake = out of bounds. 

7. NEO Turf Masters <SNK Arcade Classics vol.1 PS2> Arcade born. Challenging & fun.

8.Tiger Woods 10 <PS2> Bought, because brought back 3-click swing option. Too bad it wasn't done very well.

9.Mario Golf Toadstool Tour <Gamecube> Harder then what you would think. Not as much fun either.

10. Golf <NES> Basic. Very basic, but fundamentals are done right.

11. Mario Golf Advance Tour <Gameboy Advance> Fun, but retarded courses damper it.

12 Tiger Woods 06 <PS2> Good, but ez & don't like analog swings.

13. Swing Away Golf <PS2> Hot Shots clone, but not as good.

14. PGA Tour 97 <PS1> OK, but couldn't get into it.

15. Final Round Golf 2002 <Gameboy Advance> OK, but nothing special.

16. Lee Trevino Golf <NES> Sux

17. Jack Nickalas Golf <Turbo Grafyx 16> Kill me.

I remember my father liking Golf on Intellevision, but by the time I was old enough to appreciate Golf the Intellevision was gone. I'm really interested in how Hot Shots is on the PS3 & PSP.

Hopefully you guys will mention a game that I don't know about that is AWESOME! 

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Greatest Golf Games

Postby Pixelcade1 » March 22nd, 2011, 9:42 am

Don't really like the game but for some reason like a few on video game systems. There was one on the DC I really enjoyed. It was semi cartoony. And the best IMO is still Mario Golf on the GB I have simple tastes.


Greatest Golf Games

Postby PacFan » March 22nd, 2011, 10:24 am

Leaderboard on the C64.


Greatest Golf Games

Postby Alienblue » March 22nd, 2011, 1:20 pm

I find real gold boring but like video golf.

1. BIRDIE KING COIN OP, please someone release this at home!

2. GOLDEN TEE TV GAMES UNIT  with a real trackball and excellant overhead graphics, very fun and perfect coin op translation.

3. INTV GOLF.......for 1981, this was incredibly complex and the graphics are abstractly beautiful. Random courses , club selection, great game.

4. Odyssey2 GOLF ........very simple but fun, love the little guy throwing a temper tantrum.

5. Miniature Golf........2600.......ha ha, this game is so abstract its funny yet suprisingly challenging.......hit a square with a square into the square while avoiding the moving rectangle!

6. 2600 GOLF Not INTV quality but good 2600 Golf game

7. NES GOLF ........great colours

8. GAMEBOY GOLF.......perfect for the original GREEN GB screen, a lost not mario golf though the golfer looks like mario, this was very early and good gameboy game.

Logan Ruckman

Greatest Golf Games

Postby Logan Ruckman » March 22nd, 2011, 3:29 pm

Kirby's Dream Course for SNES is an amazing game that combines an action game and a puzzle game with a golf game. Mario Golf for N64 is great, too.

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Greatest Golf Games

Postby Leo1 » March 22nd, 2011, 8:23 pm

I wish I was good at real life golf. But I'm horrible at it and my muscles ache for weeks afterwards. Miniature golf is good fun though.

Links 2004 for the Xbox is often considered the greatest golf simulation on consoles.

I have a soft spot for Miniature Golf/Arcade Golf on the VCS. Very nice game that is far too underrated because of it's primitive visuals.

The Wii Sports golf games are also up there for fun.

The most horrible one that comes to mind is the miniature golf minigame in Carnival Games on the Wii. I liked the game, although only about 20% of the games were particularly well done. But the mini golf was just broken and easily took the crown as the worst part of the game.

And then they went and made an entire Carnival Games sequel based around the mini golf...

Julio III

Greatest Golf Games

Postby Julio III » March 22nd, 2011, 8:31 pm

The only golf game I've ever spent a lot of time with is the original PGA Tour Golf on the PC. Used to play it on my 386. A LOT. It taught me everything I know about golf. And I love the chunky pixellated ball. And the big printout of anti-piracy codes we had to use.

I have Neo Turf Masters on the NGPC, but its nowhere near as good as PGA Tour Golf was on the 386, the viewpoints are terrible in comparison.

Speaking of mini-golf, I think there was a crazy golf game on Xbox Live Arcade that I wanted to check out. Anyone know if its any good or if I've got the platform wrong?

Julio III

Greatest Golf Games

Postby Julio III » March 22nd, 2011, 8:34 pm

Ooh, just remembered that a few years ago I picked up Battle Golfer Yui on the MegaDrive. It was only released in Japan unfortunately but is an anime-styled golf RPG! What a combination, haven't tried it but its the kind of bizarre game that interests me.

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Greatest Golf Games

Postby Leo1 » March 22nd, 2011, 8:43 pm

There were a few "crazy" minigolf games on XBLA. I own 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures and it has the usual outer space theme, Wild West theme, etc. I ended up not particularly caring for it however, so play close attention to the demo so you don't regret it.

And it also has a sequel, 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures 2.

They're both sequels to a old computer game from back around 2000 that was titled Ultra Minigolf Deluxe. So if you played and enjoyed that, you'd probably enjoy both of these sequels.

And the last is titled Golf: Tee It Up! I've played it in demo form and enjoyed it enough, just have never gotten around to purchasing it (Edit - This is more akin to Wii Sports rather than minigolf, got sidetracked as I wrote this and started talking about every XBLA golf game I've seen).

All three have some downloadable expansions that add new courses.
And seems like I played a halfway decent demo of a minigolf game on the community marketplace. Or maybe it was even a real life golf game.

Logan Ruckman

Greatest Golf Games

Postby Logan Ruckman » March 22nd, 2011, 9:59 pm

Wii Sports Golf is pretty fun. Also, even though I generally find "realistic" golf games boring, Golf on the NES is, in my opinion, a decent game. However, my all time favorite golf game is Kirby's Dream Course. Too bad I haven't played it in years. If I find a copy for SNES, I'm definitely buying. Has anyone else ever played Kirby's Dream Course, or Kirby Bowl, as it's called elsewhere? I feel as if I'm in this exclusive group of people who have played it and the majority of gamers probably have never heard of it, but trust me, it's great.

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