Slowest Games Ever Made?

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Slowest Games Ever Made?

Postby MoonMetropolis » January 3rd, 2012, 2:55 am

I always enjoy a really slow-paced game where nothing much happens and I can simply zone out while I'm playing it.  These games often feature extremely methodical gameplay that requires a great deal of thought.  In addition, they may have a "zen-like" setting.  What are some of the slowest games you've ever played?  Here are some examples.

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey (Xbox, PC) - The sequel to the legendary adventure game The Longest Journey, Dreamfall features very limited gameplay, but extended cutscenes that often last over 10 minutes each.  While the stealth and fighting sections are often considered horrible, the game has been lauded for its intricate plot and bold originality.  This one's all about the story, not the gameplay.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP (iOS) - Like other recent art games (The Path, Flower, ect.), the highly acclaimed Superbrothers doesn't really aim to be challenging or "fun", but rather to immerse the player in an artistic experience that stirs emotions.  The actual gameplay, like many games of this type, is very limited.

The UnderGarden (PC, Xbox 360, PS3) - A relaxing zen-like game where each stage takes incredibly long to complete, allowing for perfect unwinding sessions.

Myst (PC, Mac, Saturn, CD-i, PlayStation, 3DO, DS, iOS, Jaguar CD, Amiga, PSP) - The best-selling game ever at the time it was released, Myst has the player interacting with still photos to uncover a mysterious story revolving around the strange island the player inhabits.  It would prove highly influential to other point-and-click adventure games.

Pretty much any art game or point-and-click adventure could fall into this category.  With that said, what are some of the slowest-paced games you have ever played?

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Slowest Games Ever Made?

Postby Silver_Fox1 » January 3rd, 2012, 9:12 am

I enjoy these types of games once in awhile but I always get stuck, on some nonsensical puzzle. Myst and Stupid Invaders are the only games I've been able to finish without some type of guide. I liked Blazing Dragons and Discworld until I hit a dead end. They often involve trial and error with inventory items, just wish they made more sense.

I've always wanted to play that Dracula game on the Lynx.

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Slowest Games Ever Made?

Postby Oltobaz1 » January 3rd, 2012, 10:00 am

There are some pretty cool "slow games" out there. I'd like to nominate
The Immortal on Mega Drive/ Genesis, Amiga, NES... atmospheric medieval
adventure, refined graphics, awesome music... Pretty tough, too, with very difficult puzzles, and lots of "die and retry" . Actually, Dave should totally review
this one, especially if he's in for one frustrating difficult game. I'd recommend the
Genesis version, though the NES one is alright.

Julio III

Slowest Games Ever Made?

Postby Julio III » January 3rd, 2012, 12:10 pm

My first thought was Endless Ocean on the Wii and Aquanaut's Holiday on the PS3. Both are essentially underwater exploration games. You swim about ogling at the lovely fishies.

Also, there is Fallout 3. Oh my god is that game slow. Three hours to get out of the bunker. I've played somewhere between 10-15 hours and am just right at the beginning.

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Slowest Games Ever Made?

Postby DrCruse1 » January 3rd, 2012, 5:38 pm

"Maze Eater" on the Commodore Vic 20. It's a Pac-man clone, but it runs so slow that it's creator(s) called it a "strategic maze game"



Slowest Games Ever Made?

Postby Dennis » January 3rd, 2012, 10:04 pm

Toejam and Earl.  I never start a game unless I know I have 2-3 hours to kill, and 90% of the game is aimless wandering (with 10% being running from those damn bees and shopping-cart ladies).  


Slowest Games Ever Made?

Postby oldschoolgamer » January 3rd, 2012, 10:24 pm

Battle Chess (NES) has slow unskipable animations which are cute at first, but wear on my nerves after about the fifth move.

Captain Crunch

Slowest Games Ever Made?

Postby Captain Crunch » January 4th, 2012, 5:43 am

All those early CD-ROM game: not only Myst, but also games like The 7th Guest, Iron Helix, Journeyman Project (especially Part I is slow), and so on... oh and the CD-i version of Micro Machines comes to my mind; it's unbelievable how they got that version so slow...


Slowest Games Ever Made?

Postby 0-Storm » January 4th, 2012, 1:26 pm

[QUOTE=oldschoolgamer]Battle Chess (NES) has slow unskipable animations which are cute at first, but wear on my nerves after about the fifth move.

Go to options & change the board style to traditional. No more animations.

Typically I don't like these kindof games. I did like one click & point game on the Turbo Grafyx 16. It was some guy in a dungeon & he was always dying in some horrific way. Good fun. Also Maniac Mansion on NES was fun.

When I want something mindless, like when I'm watching tv, I'll play monopoly (NES version).

Paul C

Slowest Games Ever Made?

Postby Paul C » January 4th, 2012, 7:47 pm

Space Quest 4 is one of my all-time favorites and definitely falls into that category.

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