The Criticize Nintendo Thread

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The Criticize Nintendo Thread

Postby LoganRuckman1 » June 17th, 2014, 5:00 pm

This is the counterpart to The Praise Nintendo Thread, in which we criticize (no duh, right?) things that we don't like about Nintendo.

The Wii U isn't that good of a name. Seriously, I think the system would do much better if it had its own identity instead of living in the shadows of the Wii.

The marketing for the Wii U has been terrible.

Now that I think about it, releasing Smash 4 on two systems wasn't the best idea. Wii U sales haven't lived up to expectations. Nintendo really needed something that would have forced people to buy a Wii U. Smash 4 could have been that game. 

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The Criticize Nintendo Thread

Postby pacguy191 » June 17th, 2014, 5:29 pm

Old Nintendo's "seal of approval" did absolutely nothing to assure the quality of the game.

The fact that event Pokemon exist and aren't obtainable elsewhere without hacking. Most of the legendaries aren't catchable because Nintendo thought that no one would ever play Ruby past 2006 and actually want the thing on the box.

Oh yeah, and I find Smash to be mostly fanservice. Once you get past the four player multiplayer and all the characters it gets a bit shallow.

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The Criticize Nintendo Thread

Postby ptdebate1 » June 17th, 2014, 5:42 pm

Great idea for a thread!

We Nintendo fans, more than anyone, have a few bones to pick...

1. No account-based system for digital games! This tech has been around on consoles literally since 2006. Get with the times, Nintendo! I shouldn't have to buy Super Mario Bros. 3 twice to be able to play it on both Wii U and 3DS! Also, digital games should be tied to my Nintendo Network account, NOT the console hardware.

2. The Wii U's hardware. Ugh. It's truly a problem. 4 GB of ram rather than 2 would have allowed better texture quality and framebuffer resolution. Nintendo could have zoomed ahead of the pack by including 128GB of solid-state storage on all models. Scrap that tri-core PowerPC CPU for an underclocked recent-gen AMD quad or 6-core CPU. The gamepad should have been nixed, allowing these other enhancements to fit within budget. Motion controls were great. They served the Wii well. Wii's successor didn't need a new gimmick.

Call it the Super Wii. Maybe the Ultra Nintendo. Perhaps Wii 2. Call it anything you want--just not something as dumb-sounding as Wii U!

On the issue of graphics:

Let me remind those of you who point to Mario Kart 8 as the pinnacle of graphics on the system:

The game features a very unsightly combination of 720p framebuffer and zero antialiasing. Thus the prominence of jagged edges.

FPS drops to 30 in four-player local matches.

Lack of 5-player local matches.

Background details are poorly animated and lack detail (see the cheering audience at the end of Mount Wario, for example. It reminds one of the n64 era--and not for a good reason.)

Super Mario 3D world looks great, but again, the 720p framebuffer looks blurry on modern televisions. The low level of texture detail in the game doesn't help, either.

Wii U games aren't going to look very attractive a few years down the road.

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The Criticize Nintendo Thread

Postby Jon1 » June 17th, 2014, 7:25 pm

Terrible sports games starting with the SNES. Terrible FPS games starting with the Gamecube. And, starting with the Wii, they've been terrible at anything catering to mature audiences. 

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The Criticize Nintendo Thread

Postby Astrosmasher1 » June 17th, 2014, 8:33 pm

I was not really that keen on Donkey Kong 3.  I thought it betrayed the heritage of the first two games.

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The Criticize Nintendo Thread

Postby Vexer1 » June 17th, 2014, 8:49 pm

Not enough third-party support, it's been a problem for years and it dosen't seem to have improved much.

Wii U versions of multiplatform games tend to be the worst ones.

Lackluster E3 this year, very few announced titles that we didn't already know about, not much of an exciting line-up.

Gamepad not the best idea in sight.

Terrible marketing for the Wii U.

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The Criticize Nintendo Thread

Postby PinMike86661 » June 17th, 2014, 10:36 pm

Nintendo was pretty damn greedy during their 8-bit dominance and the beginning of the 16-bit generation; total monopoly of the industry, due to contractual 3rd party software exclusivity, thus preventing competition from rival consoles. They also limited 3rd party developers to limit the amount of games they can release. In addition, Nintendo (along with Sega) declined Sony's offer to create a CD-based console, which ended in Sony creating the PlayStation system line, thus changing the entire gaming landscape. Furthermore, Nintendo tried (and failed) to remove gore and partial nudity from games like Mortal Kombat and Out of this World; this gave the non-Nintendo fans more fuel to label the company as a "kiddy" games company.

As far as modern Nintendo goes, I think they could be more in touch with online gaming, 3rd party exclusivity, and remove region-locking for their consoles. They could also use better marketing for the Wii U console. Other than that, I can't think of any more negatives for the company.

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The Criticize Nintendo Thread

Postby ActRaiser1 » June 17th, 2014, 11:45 pm

Here are a few rambling frustrations in no particular order.

1. 15 years of a broadband adapter on their consoles starting with the Gamecube, and you still can't chat online...WTF?

2. Is the Princess really so weak that she can't save Mario for once?  Seriously, couldn't they have turned that around at least once?  "I'm sorry, but Mario is another castle."

3. Over the last 20 years I've started to realize that I like Nintendo's second parties more than their first party studios.
Rare - Goldeneye, Perfect Dark
Silicon Knights - Eternal Darkness
Factor 5 - Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader
Retro Studios - Metroid Prime
Kuju Entertainment - Battalion Wars
Camelot - Golden Sun

The one constant in all of those games is that no one called a plumber.  Food for thought Nintendo when you want to do Mario Checkers...

4. Nintendo fanboys tend to be the ultimate in douchbags.  Tell me if you've heard this one before?  "Nnnnnn is so good while Yyyyyyy is so terrible.  It's a play is the best....narrative akin to humping a whale....blah, blah"  
Go jump on a mushroom or better yet, eat a few.

Another fanboy comment: I can't believe the views in the new Zelda.  The draw distance is amazing...

Tell it to 2007 in Oblivion.  That game was awesome.  7 years ago.  Heck, they made a sequel that expanded everything so much that you get sidetracked going from one side of the world to the other.  By the time Nintendo releases the new Zelda it's open world experience will be based on a game nearly 10 years old.  Good luck with that. 

5. How about a Wii U console that so far has locked up on me more than my Xbox One...I mean if the Big MS can avoid showing me the blue screen of death less times than Nintendo's top of the line console then you know Nintendo has problems.

6. Bait and switch on coins.  Oh, hey, why not enter all the codes from your games and then not let you actually redeem them for anything.  Oh, we'll pretend that it works, but the code actually generates errors.  Yeah, thanks, Nintendo, you really know how to fork over your customers.

7. I haven't finished a Zelda game since Windwaker...and that one took two years and me actually buying the guide to get through it.  Twilight I got stuck and couldn't progress and then in Skyward Sword I got so annoyed I gave up 4 hours into it.  Sure, you can blame me on being an idiot, but how about a little arrow or helpful hint on where to go when you've been going around in circles for hours.  <note to Nintendo, when you copy Oblivion, also try to copy some of the good ideas from that game as well>

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The Criticize Nintendo Thread

Postby LoganRuckman1 » June 18th, 2014, 12:06 am

4. Nintendo fanboys tend to be the ultimate in douchbags.[/QUOTE]

I hope I'm not one of those douchebags.

Okay, this is a minor nitpick, but why the hell will Nintendo and Square Enix not announce a Super Mario RPG 2? I know people say because of their relationship and bla bla bla, but Square developed Mario Sports Mix and Fortune Street. Now how about something we all want? I love the Paper Mario and Mario And Luigi series, but I'd love an official sequel to my favorite Mario game.

The 3D may literally be my least favorite part of the 3DS. I love the 3DS, but I always play with the 3D OFF. I'm sure some people have great experiences with the 3D, but not me. It bothers my eyes. It kind of tickles them, if that makes any sense.

Why won't Nintendo do an actual conference at E3? Don't get me wrong, their Nintendo Direct was amazing, but it just doesn't feel the same.

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