Steep (PS4) - Do Not Buy!

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Re: Steep (PS4) - Do Not Buy!

Postby pacman000 » January 28th, 2017, 11:58 am

Rev wrote:So this is a physical release that is online only? I've seen one other game that pulled that crap... I can understand a digital release but nothing something physical... That makes no sense since one of the major selling points of physical games (besides owning it physically) is to be able to play the game offline... I remember seeing a Lara Croft game in stores that came in a case but if you looked on the back it was for a download code... I don't understand why they would even bother putting the game in a case if it only came with a code... It was really sad because I heard some great things about that game and they couldn't even bother with putting the game on a disc.

Recently got some antivirus software in a box. Box had nothing but a download code. I had to take it to work to get the thing to download; my home internet connection's ok for web surfing, but downloading multi-gigabyte programs? No, it times out.

VideoGameCritic wrote:Atarifever,
I think you make a good point. Us "older" gamers have a different perspective. We see the value of being able to play video games that are 30-40 years old! A lot of younger gamers only play the latest and greatest and can't imagine otherwise. Maybe they will 30-40 years from now.

These younger gamers also tend to be the most vocal on the internet, mainly because they grew up with the internet and tend to be "technology forward". But I think there is a quiet majority of gamers who think more like us.

There is, that's why the X-Box One's developers had to backtrack. Can you define "older" gamer? I agree with you on this & am only in my 20's...

Atarifever wrote:The kind of people this doesn't bother are the kind of people who will never play a game older than 3 years old anyway. As always, I hope the "new game or no game" people are, and will continue to be, a minority. I hope most people believe games are works of art or entertainment that are at least as worthy as continuing to exist as movies or books. Given the launch and first few years of the Xbox One (after it's always online and anti-customer stuff) compared to the PS4, I feel much more secure in calling "new or never" people aberrations, despite their continued insistence they are the majority.

I agree with you, older games deserve respect, but there are folks who won't watch older movies. I can't change other's tastes. :/

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