Have Any of you Ever Came Up with an idea for a video game?

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Have Any of you Ever Came Up with an idea for a video game?

Postby BanjoPickles » April 20th, 2017, 12:22 pm

I know that some of you are actually game designers, but this question is mainly directed at the average gamer who has no experience with development.

Every now and then, I'll think of an idea that seriously makes me wish that I had the tools, the knowledge, and the education necessary to bring an idea to frution. A couple of days ago, I came up with an idea that would encompass somebody's entire life, from birth to death. What sets this idea apart, in my mind, is that so many of life's milestones would be represented by either mini games (doing chores, going to school), rpg-lite missions (playing pretend with your friends at a young age), little optional stealth missions (searching for Christmas presents in the closet, sneaking out of the house as a teenager, etc.). As the game progresses, you earn realistic attributes that come from learned experiences, heartache, etc. When you are a child, perhaps the world is more of a surrealistic land of make believe and the bending of logic. As the game progresses, the risk-to-reward ratio increases and the obstacles become more advanced, more reality based, and you have to balance those life challenges (falling in love, getting married, having kids, starting a career, etc.) with maintaining your health and well-being, ala the Sims. As you get older, certain attributes (strength, mental stability, etc.) begin to take a dip. You also must protect/provide for an ever-growing family, if you choose to go that route.

It just seemed like an intriguing idea for a game.

Anyway, what are your ideas, fellow gamers?

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Re: Have Any of you Ever Came Up with an idea for a video game?

Postby scotland » April 20th, 2017, 12:49 pm

Wow, that is really ambitious!

May have to start smaller and hem people in, such as "Life and Times of a Mountain Man" where maybe the game begins at young adulthood, heading into the Rockies in the 1810s or something. From there you determine how succesful you are, if you are a loner or join other mountain men, join a local indian tribe, or befriend a bear, etc, and how long to stay in the mountains. Maybe you return and become a scout for the US Army, or join native americans in resisting the army or something. Maybe you become 'an old timer' and never leave the mountains, becoming a silver prospector later in life. There would be options, but a finite set.

For myself, I was looking at a much smaller canvas. Take a classic scene or idea, like Lucy and Ethel from I Love Lucy working on that chocolate assembly line, and make it an Atari 2600 game or a VIC-20 game, or something only a few kilobytes in size. That might be something like Tapper. (I did make some really bad games for the C64 decades ago. Lost now, but not a great loss. I remember they were dreadfully slow, possibly because they were written in BASIC and then compiled. They were mostly evasion games - get loot and avoid getting caught/shot for high score)


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