Star wars the last jedi spoilers ahead.

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Re: Star wars the last jedi spoilers ahead.

Postby ThePixelatedGenocide » November 9th, 2018, 2:29 am

DaHeckIzDat wrote:... This guy. This guy knows he can't defend the movie on a narrative or an intellectual level, so now he's trying to turn it into a religious issue.

I did defend it on a narrative level. Your response was to simply repeat yourself. Luke can't think bad thoughts, because "NOOOO!" He's just magically immune to temptation now. Okay. Fine. Enjoy the EU Gary Stu Luke.

There's a Star Wars for everyone.

There's no point in pretending you want to debate me.

You insist Holdo had a plan right away, that she simply refused to share. You insist her mistakes in handling the situation with Poe are bad writing, despite real rebellions turning on each other under that kind of pressure. Again "NOOOO!" sums up your entire argument.

It's all just another rerun. Just like the way you insist Rey being a wild child who attacks people at random is a Rey without any character flaws. Does it even matter what I say?

I'm not the first person to debate you. It's already been pointed out to you that characters have used the force without being taught.

Which is why I'm just fast forwarding past all of this.

I'd rather keep the thread open.

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Re: Star wars the last jedi spoilers ahead.

Postby scotland » November 9th, 2018, 8:52 am

Its Friday

Fandom are prone to fracture with every new creator involved. In 1977, there was just Star Wars the movie and novelization. 40 years later, there are many variants. Fans get heated because things change, bringing in new fans but souring old fans and leaving other fans mixed.

The Last Jedi has become a touchstone, since it defied lots of expected narrative arcs, and created new female characters that cross criticisms of the movie into being social criticisms. I've hit this same quagmire here on this site myself.

If you are just repeating a point you've already made, then there is no point in posting. The other person is not going to be swayed by you saying your point again. Its okay to let it be - whichever side of TLJ you are on, you have company.

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Re: Star wars the last jedi spoilers ahead.

Postby pacman000 » November 9th, 2018, 9:15 am

Does Luke use the Force much in Star Wars (1977)?

I remember him talking about it with Obi Wan. Luke kinda felt something, but he didn't really use the force till the Death Star Trench Run, & even then it was just to hit a target, something he already could do. Basically he realized the universe was larger than what he believed, that his wamp-rat shooting prowess was something greater. His eyes were opened to a spiritual outlook on the universe, but that was all. Only in Empire did he actually use something most folks would call magic, lifting his lightsaber. Only after learning from Yoda did he fight a Sith Lord. (Unless you count Splinter of the Mind's Eye, where he had a magic crystal. ;))

The audience could assume that Luke kept experimenting with the Force between the movies; that any Force powers he developed were from years of experimentation, based on what little Obi Wan had told him. (And if they'd read Splinter of the Mind's Eye they could assume Luke had a magic crystal helping him out. ;))

Rey did have the ability to fight; she needed to fight to survive on Jakku, but she had no Force training, & no time to experiment with the Force. That's probably where folks complaints come from.

My opinion: the new movies are good, but a bit overlong & ponderous. The old movies are more refined, which make them a bit more fun to watch. (Marvel's movies are also becoming a bit overlong & ponderous, & both Marvel & Lucasfilm are owned by the same people.)

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Re: Star wars the last jedi spoilers ahead.

Postby Rev » November 9th, 2018, 4:11 pm

Alright, so I think everyone has had there chance to share their thoughts on this thread. I'm going to close it. Also, I have edited a few posts. No need to call people out, call them an idiot, or be disrespectful.

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