Atari VCS pricing is a huge scam!

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Atari VCS pricing is a huge scam!

Postby Sonicx9 » June 15th, 2019, 3:14 pm

How it works is like this:

Atari VCS 400 (low end model) is $249 plus tax

Atari VCS 800 (high end model) is $289 plus tax only $30 more.

But here is the catch both system have zero controllers, and their pricing is ludacris.

$50 plus tax for the classic 2600 style controller.

$60 plus tax for the modern controler.

But if you want the ultimate bundle here is the kicker, it is $389.99 plus tax almost $400 like PS4 Pro.

The pricing thing is so bad it makes the infamous overpriced PS Vita memory cards look affordable by comparison.

This thing is dead on arrival, and mind you the backers get it first by the end of the year the earliest, with non backers getting it until undisclosed March 2020. And worst little to no info on games.

Do not buy this scam console and instead buy Atari Flashback Classics on Nintendo Switch to protest this snake oil scam.

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