Foam in Atari carts?

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Foam in Atari carts?

Postby VideoGameCritic » August 16th, 2020, 6:18 pm

So I was going to play Activision's Fishing Derby on my 2600 but the game was having trouble loading. I hadn't played it in years so I figured the pins might be dirty. No problem.

So I pull out the alcohol and Q-tips and look in the opening at the bottom and there's foam down there around the pins! I guess it's supposed to get pushed in when you insert the cartridge. I had never seen that before. I'm used to either a plastic slider (as in most Atari carts) or nothing (most Activision carts).

Has anybody even seen something like this? I kind of want to remove it, but don't think I could very easily.

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Re: Foam in Atari carts?

Postby Atariboy » August 17th, 2020, 3:54 am

Several Activision releases like Checkers and Dragster had this. Usually ended up removed by the customer through the years, so it's rare to find it intact.

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