Destiny plus Destiny 2.

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Destiny plus Destiny 2.

Postby BlasteroidAli » November 20th, 2020, 10:44 pm

I admit it. I love bungie. The Halo series was for a time the pinnacle of FPS. It was only on Xbox. I had to play it so I got one. It was awesome.
In the intervening years I played all of the games.

Then MS and Bungie said that was it. Bungie joined Activision and great things were to come from their new game Destiny.

I got it day 1. Big mistake. Superb graphics but marred by a daft story most of which you need to go online to read about. Anyway. This big ball called the traveller came to Earth and made it a paradise. It was nice of it. Plus Venus was a joy to play and no perceptible gravity even though it was 8 times the size of earth. Mars had really hard enemies on it. That was just the only player game but as it was a shared world shooter it had drop in and drop out co op. Also it had things called Strikes when you went with a team to destroy nasties. Horde mode.
Lastly you got to play death match in the crucible.
All well and good I hear you say. Well yes and no. The game came out feeling unfinished and had a host of game problems. So get decent weapons you had grind and grind and grind. I spent the better part of a year trying to get the one shot kill guns every one seemed to have in crucible. I finally got them. I was so happy I was gonna rule the crucible as a death match king.
Strikes aka the horde mode. What a grind it was! Only problem there were 3 maybe 4 maps. It got really boring.
Death match ruined by all of the one shot kill people.
The came the year one update. Great things had been promised. On that day they reset all my weapons to the same level as everyone else. So the advantage I was playing for was completely wiped out. Gone were all the one shot kill guns. Worst still I had a game of death match and other players still had the one shot kill guns.

Bungie had done a number on me. I took the game out of my 360 took it down to the second hand store and sold it.

This is the introduction to all of the **** in Destiny 2.

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Re: Destiny plus Destiny 2.

Postby BlasteroidAli » November 20th, 2020, 10:55 pm

Destiny 2 on Xbox 1 and PC.

It became Free to play. So I thought why not. Well it is a 105 Gb which took ages to load in. The Critic could try it quite easily right now and it might be working by Christmas! Oh and it updates regularly.

So I got it. Even better graphics. Great effects. Get sounds. They had fixed all of the problems of the first game bar the cheaters on PC. If you last a minute you are doing well. Strikes? Loads of them. All really good. Then my pal who was playing with me said, here is a present all of the DLC and the season pass. Fab, I was playing and grinding. It was a dream come true. I was 20 levels above my pal. I got all manner of good guns.

It was all going so well. The Bungie did a bungie on me. One day the season pass worked then next day it stopped. No more mega weapons. Would you guess that they reset all of my weapons? The dlc still worked so it was not all bad. I still got to play on Io Titan and Mars. My pal was now 10 levels above me. I turned it off and did not play it for a couple of months.

Then Bungie announced that they were going to shelve all the worlds that I liked the most but replace them with Europa which was going to be amazing.
Last week I turned on my pc and played the game. All the planets I liked have gone, all weapons have been reset. Europa is an ice planet.. it is all white so no details there. All the strikes seem to have disappeared.

Disappointed is the word I would use.

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Re: Destiny plus Destiny 2.

Postby VideoGameCritic » November 21st, 2020, 7:48 am

Thanks for the insight Blasteroid. I don't play these online-only games but they seem to get a lot of press. As you stated, they tend to be ethereal, constantly changing and being reborn as something else. Fun for a while but you can never quite nail it down. You wonder if these games will have much of a future, and quickly be forgotten since there's no physical media to memorialize them with.

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Re: Destiny plus Destiny 2.

Postby Buttermancan » December 19th, 2020, 2:50 am

I'm surprised I missed this. My friends and I were so hyped about the original Destiny. I think it's the only game where all four of us bought it on launch day. We had four TV's set up along with four 360's. In hindsight we should've known that there would be server issues. All of us in the same room on the same high speed Internet and I was having connection issues. The others had occasional hiccups but mine was the worst for some reason. After a few hours it started working and we all got in on the action together. Boy were we Disappointed. Bungie had promised so many things that were absent from the game. The story was some god awful over the top campy mess that made no sense and the combat was so shallow. The enemies were boring bullet sponges that would defeat you not with intelligence but by being able to withstand so much damage that they end up hitting you with a random attack at some point. It's like they looked at all the things that made Halo great and replaced them with inferior versions.
My friends and I took part in the beta for Destiny 1 expecting more from the retail release but everything we experienced those couple of nights was it. That same, boring loop over and over.

You wrote a good insight into why I probably shouldn't bother with Destiny 2 even though its free to play :oops:

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