Bosconian clone comming to the Atari 2600!!!

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Re: Bosconian clone comming to the Atari 2600!!!

Postby SpiceWare » March 17th, 2021, 4:17 pm

DocHix wrote:he SpiceWare folks did a great looks/sounds/plays like "Bosconian".


I hope that SpiceWare will consider giving us a 32K "Time Pilot" homebrew sometime!

I do like Time Pilot, have given it some thought in the past and it's already in my list of potential projects. I have a few things on my plate ahead of it though:

  1. Fix my 2600 - it's in dire need of recapping, colors are all messed up. Misplaced some of my soldering equipment, need to track it down.
  2. Finish rebuilding my Mac Pro - replaced the SSD last week and did a clean install. Still need to reinstall my 2600 development software.
  3. Finish Frantic (Berzerk/Frenzy)
  4. Finish CDFJ tutorial
  5. Resume work on SpiceC, a new high-level language for developing Atari games. Similar in concept to batari BASIC, but uses C and CDFJ. Plan to do an updated version of Space War in SpiceC
  6. Reboot Timmy! (Jumpman inspired game). Will most likely also be done using SpiceC

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