Banjo-tooie (Nintendo 64)

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Banjo-tooie (Nintendo 64)

Postby Bryan » February 19th, 2006, 1:04 pm

I know I have a lot of reviews and only for the N64, but... I like them so back off! (Once again, give me credit if you use this.)

Banjo-Tooie (RareWare- November, 2000) - B-
Hm... A Sequel... This game had a lot to follow up on, it sadly was a disappointment. However, I'd like to keep it positive though because this game has many up-points. Firstly, instead of Mumbo Jumbo changing you into animals (and strangely enough, some house-hold appliances) It is now Jumba Wumba, now Mumbo is still in the game, but he just casts spells. Like, he can make a whole ocean breathable for Banjo and his now even more bad-mouthed friend, Kazooie. And one reason I didn't completely KILL this game in this review is because of it's new amazing multi-player mode, it has just about everything! It has a First Person shooter mode (Kazooie is shooting out eggs instead of a gun firing bullets). It has a Star Fox like mode where you use Kazooie to fly around with and fire eggs at the opposing player. So in conclusion, this game has many up-sides, but it's not quite the 'best seller' it's been said to be.
Rating- E (Everyone)
Players- 1-4

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