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Postby Colin » July 1st, 2008, 2:44 pm

Okay, long story short:
1) Choose variation 1 (0 is a demo)
2) Enter your name.  You will be playing against the computer, who will call itself Micro.
3) You take turns being the mouse or the cat
4) Zenzerotron needs to give the O2 another chance.
5) You start out as the cat.  The mouse will try to eat cheese, but you need to stop him.
6) You need to trap the mouse by building walls around him (lay down a piece of wall by pressing action.  If you run out of wall pieces walk back over the ones you already laid down in order to pick them back up).
7) Once you trap the mouse, it's your turn to be the mouse.  You get points by eating cheese.  To eat a piece of cheese, stand on it and press the action button.
8) Zen is usually right, but is incorrect about the O2, which has some really good, original games.   It's not having many arcade translations is a plus, as there are already a ton of those on the other systems, so the O2 offers games you don't get on the other systems.
9) The winner is basically the mouse who eats the most cheese, as you can't get points as the cat, you can only keep the other mouse from getting points.



Postby zenzerotron » July 2nd, 2008, 12:32 am

NES Burgertime is THE version to own!! It's BETTER then the arcade game.


1. slightly sped-up gameplay
2. more detailed graphics(then the actual arcade game) for the burger parts

It's one of the few NES arcade translations where nothing about the gameplay was altered PLUS it has BETTER graphics then the arcade game!

Alienblue, screw every other version of Burgertime, if you haven't played the NES version, you just haven't lived son!

And I'll say this again.........Sssnake wasn't based on some lovable arcade game that we all loved, Ssssnake was an orginal game. Playing 2600 Burgertime is far more painfull because it's a terrible insult to an arcade game that we love! That makes Burgertime worst then Sssnake.

And let me say this..........NES Bump N' Jump is THE version to own as well!!

I'm usually right!!?? By God Atarifever, by thinking that, that makes you usually right. If you change your view and say that I'm always right, then by God, you'll always be right!

I've been mostly teasing Alienblue about the O2. The fact of the matter is, I live in a tiny studio apartment, I only have so much space. I just don't have the space for an O2, a 7800, a Colecovision, a PS3, tons of things!. I do realize that there would be a small handfull of O2 games that I would like, but I just can't justify buying ANY system for a small handfull of good games. I got no space as it is now!! My little studio apartment is nothing but an arcade with a bed and toilet, seriously!!

VGC has just posted a review for Bugs!!! Don't worry Alienblue, just like Sssnake, I'm gonna get the word out............ALIENBLUE LOVES BUGS AND IT'S A GREAT GAME



Postby Alienblue » July 2nd, 2008, 2:06 pm

ZEN IS ALWAYS WRONG. Remember that one rule and by god, you will never be mistaken!

Plus Zen likes Fairy Kings, like David Bowie.
(I'm teasing too. Yes yes I know he was the GOBLIN King but my way sounds much better.)

Zen: Do not make judgements before you own a Colecovision.


The best versions of those games (which you can play WITH THE STEERING WHEEL BTW!) are on Colecovision, as is the most arcade accurate version of BURGERTIME.

Unlike Ladybug I am not a Super Collosal fan of BURGERTIME So I enjoy the blocky INTV version. But once you get a COLECOVISION you will be whistiling a different tune. Out your butt!

ALL RIGHT ALREADY. Sssnake is the BEST VIDEOGAME EVER MADE. God created the VCS just so we could live and bask in the GLORY that is the majestic, Beautiful Sssnake!!!! HALELUJAH!

Colin H.: Thank you. That sounds absolutely AWFUL. I think I'll stick with UFO!, KILLER BEES, and Sssnake and jussssst forget about the wonderous O2 Mousing cat (like BLOCKOUT, god I hate games in which you switch sides with the computer. That is so dumb. How fun would pac man be if you switched to being the damn MONSTERS every ten seconds? Thank you for the info though.)

ZEN: Get a bigger place and an O2. UFO! RULEZ!!!!!



Postby Recycled » July 2nd, 2008, 3:47 pm

Ok, it seems to me that (facing the tv) the right hand player has an advantage.  I play it with my kids, against the computer, and watch the computer play it's self.  The right side is almost always is in the lead.

Now if it wasn't for that....I really would like this game and would definitely award it a solid "C".  Playing it with the kids is a blast (compete to 100, then reset); but I get frustrated with the one side seemingly always getting the lead.



Postby Zenzerotron » July 2nd, 2008, 10:14 pm

It seems to me whenever a 2600 game has poor graphics and mimimal gameplay, it can be said "this game belongs on the O2!!"

Bugs...........O2 material all the way!!!



Postby Colin » July 3rd, 2008, 8:37 am

[QUOTE=Zenzerotron]It seems to me whenever a 2600 game has poor graphics and mimimal gameplay, it can be said "this game belongs on the O2!!"

Bugs...........O2 material all the way!!!

And it seems to me that Bugs is on the 2600.  Like so many, many terrible games.  It'd probably be easier to say when one sees a terrible game generally, one could say it belongs on the 2600, given the systems good to terrible ratio.  In fact, I'd say when an O2 game has lots of ugly flicker, it belongs on the 2600, but I can't think of a single O2 game that fits that description. 



Postby Alienblue » July 3rd, 2008, 12:52 pm



COLIN H: 1,02 02 02 02

ZEN: 7734,2,06!

(sorry zen, that was wrong, in binary it would be FT2600!.....
c'mon, c'mon, show me whatcha got! I can keep this up..
COUGH WHEEZE HACK HACK gack....3, 4 seconds more....)



Postby zenzerotron » July 4th, 2008, 2:41 pm


And of course O2 games have no flicker.......considering there's no backgrounds, about 4 colors on screen, and virtually nothing happening on the screen!



Postby Jake » October 10th, 2011, 3:30 pm


And of course O2 games have no flicker.......considering there's no backgrounds, about 4 colors on screen, and virtually nothing happening on the screen!


Nothing happends on the screen?? What ... just typing for the sake of it...

Odyssey 2 "challenger series" games have a hell of a lot moving and happening on the screen, and no slow downs, no flicker, and nice use of large minimal graphics.
Why clutter up the screen on backgrounds, for a simple pick up and play O2 game?

Atlantis on Odyssey 2 is quite "amazing" and it's top speed, is more then twice as fast as it's 2600 version. The gameplay is also smoother and the control is also more accurate. Demon Attack is also nice, as is Timelord, Bees, and Acrobats... etc





Postby Jake » October 10th, 2011, 3:41 pm

[QUOTE=Alienblue]PACHINKO / Odyssey2 / F

Ok Zen, here's the one you've been waiting for. After reading the VGC's relatively "ok" review of this monstrosity, the truth needs to be told.

While it sounds fun, it was totally botched for two reasons. First..YOU NEVER LOSE THE BALL. The game never ends! That alone would make it pointless, but even worse YOU NEVER ACTUALLY AFFECT THE BALL. To prove this I set the game for player versus computer and set my controller down. I did not touch it. After ten minutes the score was something like 75 to 23. I WAS WINNING! Without doing a THING! In fact you can see that the ball ignores your "flipper" and bounces through it!


Uh, Nope... you're copy must be broke or you lied, as when I play Pachinko on O2, I can make good effect of ball control on this game, and I beat the computer
100 to 4 once. I also had the computer get 3 10 buckets on me, and catch up somehow... the computer is random, but your side isn't.

Also, the ball doesn't bounce through your flipper??? It bounces "off" of it, and the angles depend on how you're standing and if you're holding down the fire button.

The critic nailed this review of Pachinko. C- It's an average time, worth playing...
but not worth writting home about.

I enjoy playing this one... had it as a small kid, it's a little generic now, but I assume it's more fun with two evenly matched players...

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