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Postby Zenzerotron » November 14th, 2008, 12:28 pm

The Genesis 3 is an Sega approved "system on a chip" system. It's a YOBO Alienblue. So of course it has compatiblity issues and messed-up sound!

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Postby Leo1 » November 14th, 2008, 3:57 pm

The Genesis 3 plays Genesis titles accurately and has no relation to Yobo. It has full compatibility besides with Genesis add-ons and Virtua Racer.



Postby Alienblue » November 14th, 2008, 7:23 pm

I found my 1999 VIDEO GAME BUYERS GUIDE today and ... are right I have the Genesis two. The Magazine shows the last model, Gen 3, and yes it has a big 3 on it. My system is all black. I WAS an early adopter, I bought the first Genesis system in 1990. THAT was by far the best system, you could output S-VIDEO with the right cable, it had a jack for stereo headphones and just LOOKED the coolest with the big flying saucer that said "GENESIS, 16 BIT GAME SYSTEM". Sadly I had to sell it to get the SNES which I sold to get a PSONE. That was my way of moving up. Later I bought the systems again when they were dirt cheap!

Remember before the NES/SMS all game systems were RF only. No TV set in 1982 had RCA jacks, only COMPOSITE MONITORS like the COMMODORE 1702 (anyone notice that the designation of the ENTERPRISE in STAR TREK was 1701? Coincidence?)...I bought a 1702 to use with my ADAM and today I use it for my PS2. In addition to that I have an old 13 inch TV with RF only that I use for my "second system"...BTW notice the Atari 7800 has no Audio/Video output because it was made in 1983! (I also have a big 31 inch TV set I use strictly for DVD/VHS/STEREO. I prefer 13 inch screens for videogames, 31 inches is WAY too big!)

Not all RF boxes are made the same. I noticed that with Atari and Sega the RF box picked up lines and bars on the screen while the NES never did.

The original model 5200 and Odyssey2 used system specific switch boxes; luckily MY Odyssey2 was HACKED, the cable is split and a direct-link RF ANTENAE COAX CABLE is Taped to it, so my O2 plugs directly into the TV...presenting, ironically, the best possible RF picture on the lowest resolution system!


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