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Postby Alienblue » March 13th, 2009, 9:31 pm

AIR SEA WAR / Odyssey2 / C-

This has bugged me for some time. In his review of ARMORED ATTACK /SUB CHASE for O2, the critic said "Hey look, its combat for O2"
But while the tank game IS like Combat, SUB CHASE is NOT. It is more like the "BOMBER VS. POLARIS" option in AIR SEA BATTLE.

So we need a version of the AIRPLANES BATTLE for O2!
Here you go!

ASW is a European release available on the multi cart. It takes the basic "JET VS.JET" theme in combat and expands on it! Here, first of all, you can play againts the compter! And there are THREE (very simple) screens. Screen One is exactly like JET VS JET. You must shoot the enemy jet before he shoots you. Do that and you go to screen two, SUBMARINES. Here, You battle sub periscopes- upside down "L"'s- amongst islands. The subs shoot at you and are hard to hit because they are so tiny. Screen three is a showdown with, tanks I guess...on land. Beat it and its back to screen one at a faster pace.

Graphics are harrible and this game gets a minus because its obvious they took the STRATEGY SERIES game, CONQUEST OF THE WORLD and simplified it into a one player arcade game.

Also, I always prefered Biplane games to jet games.

Still, this does give the O2 a playable version of JET FIGHTER from COMBAT.

Ok, so where is the O2 version of DODGE'EM?

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