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Postby Alienblue » April 27th, 2009, 5:57 pm


Sorry, this has nothing to do with the David Bowie-Muppet movie.

I picked this game up today for TEN BUCKS. I am leary of cheap DS games but I knew what THIS was, I had played it on TAITO CLASSICS VOLUME TWO/PS2....this is the EXACT same game as CAMELTRY (No, I've no idea, there are no camels in the game) the coin-op that was ported to the SNES as ON THE BALL.

What is it? Anyone remember before videogames there were those WOODEN (yes WOOD!) maze games in which you tilted a boxed maze around trying to guide a steel ball to the exit hole? Thats what this is, and it showed off the SNES's rotation.

Basically you are moving the whole MAZE, not the ball. It starts easy as cake ("pie! easy as pie! Pie, yes, tank you.") with just a short maze. But you are timed and later mazes add MINUS TIME squares you must not hit, BONUSES, bricks you must breakout
(get it?) and more. In the background soothing music plays while pastel backgrounds like those in the very similiar SONIC THE HEDGEHOG BONUS ROUND. It plays like that too.

It sounds dull but like many simple games is quite addictive. There are learning, medium and advanced levels. It beats the coin-op with digitized voice and VS. characters too. And you always want to see the next cool background/maze.

If you saw this in the bargain bin you'd likely toss it back. DON'T!!! This is way more fun than many $30 DS games. LISTEN TO THE ALIEN. I CHANNEL FOR ZEN, SO NOW THE ALIEN KNOWS ALL. If you own DS and like puzzle/maze/classic games, GRAB THIS!

And if you find my Camel let me know!

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