Worst Shape?

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PB Troy

Worst Shape?

Postby PB Troy » April 28th, 2009, 8:14 am

Alright I know we all have that 1 or 2 games that something happened or you could only find it beat up!  Out of all your games which 1 or one's are in the worst shape and why! I'm talking still playable, but if you have a funny or interesting story with why it's unplayable do tell!

For me, my Resident Evil: Code Veronica had/has deep scratches, no case, and had some gunk on the top. Now I pride myself on keeping my games I bought new or relatively new in tip top shape, but this game was found in my girlfriend's basement and belonged to her brothers that think the right place for discs are stacked on top of each other in various spots around a tv. Luckily I got a Disc Dr. and fixed it up to at least playable which is very exciting!

Also, my Star Fox for snes actually has a hole/dent in the top because that's just the only copy I've found thus far, still playable but it bugs me to know I own it looking like that!

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